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It’s about money, whether the headlines are horrific cases of bride burning, or a knockout in an elevator with an NFL sports star. Despite the myriad reasons women have been

Read any financial column or blog and chances are the writers (including yours truly) have advocated that readers save their income, reduce expenses and get rid of debt. Sometimes this valuable information can get interpreted as you can never spend any money on yourself for little things here and there such as a meal out or grabbing a movie with a friend. These little things can help keep you on track for your bigger savings targets by allowing you a bit of autonomy and a chance to enjoy the money you’re working hard to earn and save. Think of it this way: let’s say someone is going on a diet and they absolutely refuse to eat any type of sweet, junk food or anything that would keep them from getting to the proper fitness level or weight they are looking to achieve. What can (and usually does) happen is by […]

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Welcome to the next installment in our series of Key Investment Insights. In our last piece, “Smoothing the Investment Ride,” we discussed the benefits of diversifying your investments to minimize avoidable risks, manage the unavoidable ones that are expected to generate market returns, and better tolerate market volatility. The next step is to understand how […]

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