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I’ve written this list to include some of the most important things that I look for when evaluating bank accounts.

Many of us of us struggle to keep up. Often times finances are the last thing on our minds until there is a problem with them.

Many people have a spare change jar, where they accumulate change until the jar fills and then take it to the bank or change machine to turn into bills. For them, this works as a kind of forced savings.

A lot of people daydream about winning the lottery, even those of us who never buy a ticket. But like many windfalls, lottery winners often have had a hard time holding on to it.

A clean, accurate credit history is a critical piece to the personal finance puzzle.

You may or may not have heard that it’s wise to have an emergency fund. Even if you’ve heard it, you may not be aware of what it means and why you should have one – and more importantly why you need one.

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