15 Facts About Amending Your Tax Return

For a multitude of reasons, many times it’s necessary to file an amended tax return.  It could be that you received additional information contrary to what you originally used for your return… or maybe the IRS sent you a notice about something that needs clarification.  Or, possibly you are taking advantage of a credit that can be used retroactively, like the first-time homebuyer’s credit. Whatever the reason, you need to file an amendment.  This isn’t usually a big deal, especially with software-driven return preparation – but there are a few things you should know about your amended return.

Ten Facts About Amended Returns

The IRS has published, in their Tax Tip 2010-72, their top ten list of facts that they’d like you to know about amending your federal tax return:

1. If you need to amend your return, use Form 1040X, Amended US Individual Income Tax Return. 2. Use Form 1040X to correct previously filed Forms 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.  The 1040X can also be used to correct a return filed electronically; however, you can only paper-file an amended return. 3. You should file an amended return if you discover any of the following items were reported incorrectly:  filing status, dependents, total income, deductions, or credits. 4. Generally, you do not need to file an amended return for math errors.  The IRS will automatically make the correction. 5. You usually do not need to file an amended return because you forgot to include tax forms such as W2s or schedules.  The IRS normally will send a request asking for these documents. 6. Be sure to enter the year of the return you are amending at the top of Form 1040X.  Generally you must file Form 1040X within three years from the date you filed your original return or within two years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later. 7. If you are amending more than one tax return, prepare a 1040X for each return and mail them in separate envelopes to the IRS center for the area in which you live.  The 1040X instructions list the addresses for the centers. 8. If the changes involve another schedule or form, you must attach the changed form to the 1040X. 9. If you are filing to claim an additional refund, wait until you have received your original refund before filing Form 1040X.  You may cash that check while waiting for any additional refund. 10. If you owe additional tax for 2009, you should file Form 1040X and pay the tax as soon as possible to limit interest and penalty charges.  Interest is charged on any tax not paid by the due date of the original return, without regard to extensions.

In Addition…

In addition to the top ten from the IRS, you should also keep these things in mind:

11. Consider if the change impacts your state return; file an amended return with your state using the instructions from your state. 12. If you’re filing for a retroactive credit (like the First-Time Homebuyer’s credit) consider how the credit could be impacted by changes in your filing status, income, etc., if you filed it for the current year instead of retroactively.  It could be in your favor to claim the credit currently, albeit much later, rather than retroactively. 13. Although the “rule of thumb” time limitation for filing amended returns is the later of 3 years after the filing date of the original return including extensions or 2 years after the tax is paid, for certain items, the time limitation is extended.  For example, for disability where the taxpayer is unable to manage financial affairs, the period of limitation for filing a claim for refund is suspended until the disability is no longer an issue.  Another example is worthless debts or securities:  the limitation is 7 years after the due date of the return for the year that the debt or security became worthless. 14. It is not allowable to change your filing status from Married Filing Jointly to Married Filing Separately after the due date of the return, including extensions. 15. If you file Form 1040X on or before due date of the original return, the 1040X will be treated as the original return.

As always, contact your tax professional to help you with your amended return if you have questions or concerns.  See the National Association of Enrolled Agents’ website for a list of tax professionals in your area (or call me if you like).

About the author

Jim Blankenship, CFP®, EA

Jim Blankenship is the founder and principal of Blankenship Financial Planning, Ltd., a financial planning firm providing hourly, as-needed financial planning and advice. A financial services professional for over 25 years, Jim is a CFP professional and has earned the Enrolled Agent designation, a designation that qualifies him as enrolled to practice before the IRS. Jim is also a NAPFA-registered financial advisor, which designates him as a Fee-Only Financial Advisor.

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  • I know this may seem like an odd question….I noticed on my 2555 form from 2014 that I didn’t put my name or SS# when I submitted it with my 1040. Should I just resubmit both to make sure I am tax compliant

    • I wouldn’t worry about it as long as the return was processed as you expected (you received the refund you expected or they accepted your payment without question). If a question comes up you can submit a new form, but it’s not necessary otherwise.

  • So i got a letter from the IRS stating that i forgot to include 2 w2s and now i have to pay some money back,. when i noticed what they sent me i also forgot to include my sister as one of my dependents. ive been clamiing her for 4 years and never had a problem. in this situation i am in how can i include my sister so i wont owe that money to the IRS

    • Just send in an amended return with your additional W2 information and including your sister as a dependent (assuming she still qualifies). If your letter from the IRS is requesting a response from you by a particular date, use the amendment as your response. Send an explanatory letter along with the return.

  • Thank you so much for your help! How do I ask for the exemption, is there a link with a form I should fill out that you can give to me?

    Do you know in the case of an audit what the penalties would be if I claim 2012 business tax deductions in an amendment to the 2013 corp return that has to be amended anyways because of something else? As far as I know no specific documentation for the deductions like what and when was purchased is required when amending the return and adding the extra business expenses. At least the office that did an amendment for business deductions not claimed on another return within the last 3 years did not ask for me to provide any documentation that I have for that and that I could have given them.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • I forgot to specify that I am the CEO, CFO, Secretary for the company, if that matters. Maybe we have to close it since I am not working anymore and applying for disability, my husband got different employment too. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    Recently I found out the local accounting firm that has been filing our tax returns has made many errors on both our personal and our corporate return for 2013 (we have an S corp with just me and my husband in it). Every year I prepare a report with our expenses and deductions and present it to the accounting firm to prepare the tax forms and file them. Since the deadline for filing an amendment for 2013 has passed in the spring of 2016 could I try to apply for a hardship exemption? I have a very severe debilitating type of Multiple Sclerosis and I am very disabled. Due to my disease I cannot do many things people take for granted. Because of the severity of my disease in the spring/summer of 2013 I was accepted on a compassionate basis to participate in a medical study in Chicago where I underwent a dangerous procedure very similar to bone marrow transplant followed by a long intensive physical therapy course. In general my health is very poor and I have been struggling to manage my daily activities and to prepare the tax records necessary for the tax return filings. Even though I am only in my mid thirties I am in the process of applying for Social Security Disability as working has become too difficult for me and I am not working as of Sept, 2015. Do you think it is possible for me to apply for a hardship exemption so that I can have our 2013 personal and corporate returns amended (we file jointly)? I can obtain notes from my doctors to document my case. Is there any point trying? Please let me know. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

      • Thank you so much for your help! How do I ask for the exemption, is there a link with a form I should fill out that you can give to me?

        Also, do you know in the case of an audit what the penalties would be if I claim 2012 business tax deductions in an amendment to the 2013 corp return that has to be amended anyways because of something else? As far as I know no specific documentation for the deductions like what and when was purchased is required when amending the return and adding the extra business expenses. At least the office that did an amendment for business deductions not claimed on another return within the last 3 years did not ask for me to provide any documentation that I have for that and that I could have given them.

        Thank you very much for your help!

  • HI Jim !

    I filed an amended tax return for 2015 back in March of 2016. We received our refund for our 2015 1040 X on June 27,2016 based on the adjustment I made (which was a reallocation of estimated tax payments between our tax return and my minor sons due to the fact that originally the estimated tax payments were all applied to our return). Then,on the IRS site for “Where is my amended return (WMAR)” it stated that needed more information to complete processing our return (after the refund already received ?). This ended up being that I forgot to have my spouse sign the return. The IRS sent our return back with form 8009A, we signed it and mailed it back and the IRS received our signed 2015 1040X on July 11, 2016. Up until yesterday the WMAR on- line IRS service has stated -“received on 7/11/16 but not processed”. Now , yesterday the WMAR states
    “Take Action !” – “We received your return on 7/11/16 but are still not completed processing your return. We apologize for any inconvenience” and it gives us a number to call with extension 623. Does this just mean they are still processing it or is there an issue that needs to be resolved ? I received no notice, we already received our refund and we responded to the original 8009A by signing and returning our 1040X ? Not sure what to do ? Thanks for your help .

  • Hello,
    I really appreciate that you’re helping us with answers to our tax questions. My question is about the self employment tax deduction. I’m filing a 1040x to report income from a part time home business. The “normal” 1040 form has a line item for the SE tax deduction in the AGI section. I’m filing a schedule C and SE, but on the 1040x form, there is no where to list the 1/2 SE tax deduction. Am I supposed to just combine or apply this deduction against the AGI net change that I’ll be listing in column B, Income & Deductions? Or is this a built in penalty, so I can’t take the 1/2 SE deduction if I refile with 1040x?

  • I realize that some cash income I had in 2012 should have been included on my tax return. I also realize this will increase my credits with social security.

    Approximately how long does it take the SSA to adjust my social security credits after filing a new (1040x) tax return?

    How do I determine if its worth it?

    • If you owe tax on income that was not reported, it’s worth it to report and clear your record.

      It usually takes approximately a year for the SSA credits to be applied – that is, after the end of a tax year your credits from that year will be applied.

  • I just received a letter 566 from the irs
    asking for proofs of filing status, dependents and eic for my 2014 and 2015 returns. Both were completed in time and refunds already received.
    My dependents listed my son and two grandkids. I can prove status and my son’s information but have no residency proofs for my toddler grandkids as they went back and forth when my daughter was unable to fully care for them. I provided the majority of their care and expenses due to hardship on my daughter’s part. Being a good mom and grandma I was just trying to help. I’ve always done my own returns and try hard to follow the rules. I believed I could claim eic on all 3 but after further researching I think I should not have done so with the grands- even tho I provided most of their care and they were financially dependant on me at that time.
    Can I at this time amend my returns to remove them even tho I’ve already received refunds? I have 30 days to respond and I’d like to know if I should just send what I have and let them make a determination… can I amend for those two years? Or is it too late to amend? Thk you SO much…any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    • I recommend that you respond to the IRS request for information with what you have. If necessary you may need to file an amendment later, but there is no way it would be completed and processed within 30 days.

      Just work with the IRS and see what they say about your proof information.

  • Hi I filed a 1040x form for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014. My wife at the time did not have social during these years so I was losing credit. I have always filed as married jointly. I have her and my 2 sons as dependents. When her social came in I filed the 1040x form for the years mentioned. I sent the forms on May 20th, 2016. I just finished talking with an irs agent and he said I was denied due the Path Act. Can I try to appeal this decision or am I screwed here? Thanks for the help!

  • My ex wife and I owned an S-Corp until 1/1/15 when she relinquished her ownership. The divorce was final soon after. We were still married and filing jointly and 51/49% owners on 12/31/14. I just discovered that she improperly booked $150,000 of 2015 COGS in 2014. The result is that we under reported K1 income for our 2014 joint return. It also means that, without the legitimate 2015 COGS I would have to book the excess profit in 2015 when the entire tax burden is on me. A net benefit of $40k to her pocket from mine.

    The ex wife said she will refuse to ammend 2014 because all corporate debt and liabilities passed to me as the sole owner 1/1/15. But I believe this is under reported personal income for 2014. It would be the same as if we had originally received a W2 or 1099 with invalid information and get a corrected one – but in this case it’s a K1. In any case, we received the income but didn’t properly report it.

    How can I ammend a joint return from a year when we were married if she refuses?

  • Me and my husband had been filing MFJ until his student loan came to repayemnt and mine ( which I have been paying forbearing paying and forbearing for years already and have so much interest the loan itself wont get paid in my life time.. lol (I previously and still have one as well before we got married) so in order to not have over $1000 a month in two loan payments which we can not afford( crazy how they work it out and think you can??? Anyway that is another issue of its own in this country!) So we file separately so I basically have no payment and his in under $200 if we filed together my payment would be $300 or more and his be 400 -600.more. though we save on payments NOW I know later we can have a bigger tax bill which Im sure we wont be able to pay a $20,000 or more tax bill ( that would just be one loan not including his loan if anything is forgiven) for the forgiven part of the loan when we are 60 or 70 yrs old plus.. Sorry so I havent got to my main question.. filing separate we usually have to pay taxes but we have smaller school payment if we file joint would have a lower payment or perhaps a refund.but large school payments that are impossible to pay… if we go back and amend a return to get a refund how does that affect fed student loan repayment decisions already done due to the MFS status for those years? ( would they know?)

  • I filed an amended tax return 1040X because i messed up two large deductions for 2015. I realized after I e-filed turbo tax and wrongfully paid $800. After I amended, I got a refund check for $3,500…so what happens with the $800 wrongfully paid when I e-filed? Shouldn’t they send me a refund for that?

  • Hi,

    I procrastinated on my 2012 tax return (knew I was owed money back) and filed the tax return on the 3 year due date since I thought as long as the return was filed and mailed/stamped out on the due date the IRS would accept it. I received a letter declining the return claiming it was not filed in time as they did not receive it until mid may. Sounds kind of fishy since it is widely advertised that as long as you mail out your return on the due date, it is filed in time. Do I have any options for recovering any of this return?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Jim. Our LAND property taxes for 2015 (and 2016) have been reassessed and are now lower (from $100,000 down to $76,000). How do I go about getting a refund for taxes paid in 2015 on that higher number? THANK YOU for your assistance!

  • I filed a 1040x, being told that if we changed our marital status we would receive a refund. we did, but now the IRS is saying we actually owe money plus interest. is there something that i can do about this, like undo the 1040x i sent?

    • If by filing the amendment you have now filed with a correct marital status (where before the status was incorrect) you need to leave the return as is. If the amendment was to change your marital status to something that is not correct, then you should re-amend the return to have the proper filing status.

  • Hi Jim! I adopted my daughter in 2014, I was told because she was special needs I would receive the adoption credit. 2 accountants told me that there was no longer a credit. Found out in April that because she is special needs I should have received the credit.
    They received my amended return on May 23. 2 weeks ago I received a notice that before they could process I had to send in her Adoption agreement so I did. The person I spoke to before I sent it in said once they received then my check should come shortly after.
    I spoke to another person yesterday, who was not very friendly, that told me I know how to wait another 16 weeks to receive my return and won’t receive till probably Dec.
    Do you know which is true? I thought about calling again tomorrow to clarify since I have been give two different responses but I thought maybe in the mean time I could ask you what your thoughts are!
    Thank you for your time

    • This is totally in IRS’s hands. I have no idea how long it will take them – I have seen cases where 6 months or more pass before the amendment is processed.

      It wouldn’t hurt to call again and check on your situation, just to see if you can find out more.

  • Jim, i filed an amendment tax return claiming my daughter…. Me and her dad have joint custody and it states in our court agreement that we take turns claiming her……well 2015 was supposed to be her dads year but he does not work, he hasnt in three years….. He lives at home with his mom and dad and doesnt even provide transportation…. I provide everything for her beings that i do work full-time and always have….i fell that i should have got to claim her beinga that i am the working parent and he is not but it was his year…. It States in our court document me and him take turns claiming her and nobody else…at one point in time he told me he was going to have his sister claim her and i argued with him that if he could not file taxes due to the fact he had no job or income to report that i should be able to claim her and nobody else because im her mother….. So i filed amendment recently claiming my daughter because i took for granted he could not because he did not have a job….well after i filed the amendment i asked him if he was able to file taxes and claim her and he said yes..he would not tell me how but i feel he had his sister claim her because he did not have a job…well in my amendment that information was not put in there….all my tax consultant put in there was dependent eligible for claiming and put in the copy of our parenting agreement from the court…. I feel the irs should have the info about him not working and yet still claiming her..if he had another family member claim my daughter they should be aware of that info because I never granted that permission and i provide everything for her…i feel this will effect the outcome of the amendment and they will deny me a return once they seen she was claimed but dont have the info i just gave you…what should i do??

    • I would just wait to see if your amendment processes correctly. If it doesn’t, there is likely an argument to be made if someone else claimed your daughter other than her father – if you provided sole support no one else has the option to claim her. In order to claim someone as a dependent you must provide at least 50% support for that person.

  • Jim ,
    I received audit notification for tax years 2013 + 2014, specifically buisness expenses. I used TurboTax to file. Going over my returns, I realized I entered the incorrect amount for meal deductions on my 2013 return and left decimal out of total. This gave me a deduction 10x more than what it should have been. I did not notice my mistake, and used that tax year to assist with my 2014 taxes. My deductions are fairly close year to year, so when using TurboTax for 2014, it automatically brings over your prior year tax return to compare to. Well, I again left decimal out, and my calculation was 10x greater than it should have been. Because it was a different amount than 2013, but was 4 digits, it didn’t register as being incorrect to me. My calculation was correct, but entry incorrect. Should I inform the person conducting my audit , or should I complete amended returns first?

  • Hey Jim. I have to amend my 2015 return zero’ing out the entire return (income & withholding on my 1099) before resubmitting a new valid/correct return. I have 30 days to correct it. Line 1: 1040X
    A) Original amount 209,296
    B) Net Change -418,592
    C) Correct Amount -209,296
    Just wondering why the amount doubled in column B. I hope everything zeros out.

    • Your correct amount shouldn’t be -209k, it should be zero, right? (I’m assuming you don’t have a loss of $209k on your income). If you have a zero in column C, then column B will reflect the negative 209k, the difference from your original return.

      • That makes sense to see zero’s but the computer is doing its own thing in Turbo Tax. I’ll get it to zero one way or another. Thank you so much for your advice Jim. Appreciate it.

  • Hey Jim. I have to amend my 2015 return zero’ing out the entire return (income & withholding on my 1099) before resubmitting a new valid/correct return. I have 30 days to correct it.
    A) Original amount 209,296
    B) Net Change -418,592
    C) Correct Amount -209,296
    Just wondering why the amount doubled in column B. I hope everything zeros out.

  • I filed a 1040A for 2014 and omitted to claim a loss carry-forward that I could have used. Can I file a 1040X with just a new schedule D, or do I have to also complete a new 1040 to go with it?
    Thank you!

  • Hi, I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the Department of Revenue of my state. The letter said that I had 10 days to pay them a certain amount of money. This is the first time I am hearing about this. It seems I forgot to attach mine and my husbands W2 forms to our taxes when I mailed them. Can I still send in our W2 forms to them, or is it too late?

  • At our corporation (LLC with pass-through tax structure) we filed our taxes for 2014.
    We generated losses for 2014 and accordingly issued K1s to all members.
    Recently when audit for 2015 and 2014 are completed, the auditors pushed some losses from 2014 to 2015 due to some GAAP requirements.

    Now our audit reports indicate different losses for year 2014.
    Do we need refile our corporate taxes for year 2014?
    Or can we just correct them in year 2015 taxes as we file them in the next month and bring the overall tax and audit numbers (together between 2014 and 2015) match the audit numbers?

    Is there a way we can call and talk to you?

    • If the facts supporting the tax return have changed, then you should submit a corrected (amended) return. That means you’ll want to amend the 2014 return, and produce amended K1 reports for each member so that they can correct their returns as needed as well.

  • I have already filed one amended return for my client and at this late date they received another 1099R from Amerprise Trust Financial center. Should I just do another amended with maybe a letter ? How willl that work??

  • I have already filed one amended return for my client and at this late date they received another 1099R from Amerprise Trust Financial center. Should I just do another amended with maybe a letter ? How willl that work??

    • You’ll need to amend the amended return – use the results from the first amendment as the Column A information, and go from there.

      You might want to wait until the first amendment has processed before putting the second through the process, just to keep from gumming up the works with two amendments processing at the same time.

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  • I was cited by IRS for not reporting 1099 income and that I owe 4000 in taxes. I never received the 1099 income sheet from the company and forgot to include them on my 2014 returns. I have made arrangement with IRS to pay the deficit. Can I claim the deficit on my 2016 returns as a loss.

  • My amended return was received May 31,2016 for tax year 2015. Today is 8/4/2016 and I have not received a letter from the IRS.

    When I access the IRS web-site it says:

    Your amended return was received on May 31, 2016 and it is being processed. Please allow up to 12 weeks for processing. You may continue to check here for more information.

    What should I do next?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Jim,

    I originally owed taxes for 2014 – found that I forgot a large tax deduction and amended these taxes which resulted in a refund. But before the amendment went through, a portion of my 2015 refund covered the past tax amount.

    Later I received the refunded amount of 2014 taxes, but never the amount that was withheld. Given, 2014 resulted in a refund, shouldn’t I also receive the amount withheld from 2015?


  • Hi Jim,
    My ex and I are divorced. It’s in our divorce papers for him to file our daughter. The last time I filed a tax return, they said he could file her all he wants but he wasn’t supposed to get the EIC on her because I have custody. How long do I have to file an amend on this?

  • Im about to start college & just got info that my mom has to amend her tax status to married because she has been filing hoh since she was divorced & never changed it. (Unknowingly). She has just been remarried in 2012. The school will not submit my financial award letter until this info is rendered to the IRS. She is now fearful of her being audited. Meanwhile my stepfather has been filing married / filing separate with my mothers’ name claiming her as his wife ( not a dependant). What will happen to my mother? Or what can she do?

  • I want to get a mortgage and I was claimed on someone’s taxes I need the past two years and that year is the second of the two…. Is it possible?

  • Hi Jim,
    I had a tax lien on my credit report that was recorded January 2013. I did not pay attention to my credit until recently when trying to get approved for a mortgage. After much research, I found that the lien was for my Individual IL State Income Tax for 2005. So this lien was filed 8 years later, good or bad I moved 6 times within the last 10 years, multiple states due to fiancé’s job.
    I pulled my 2005 return, realized I e-filed my federal but not my state, after realizing this I printed out the necessary documents, attached my W2 and 1040 and mailed it to the State of Illinois, this was done in March of 2016. State of Illinois actually owed me a refund from 2005.
    Yesterday I received two letters from the state of Illinois. The first, stating they will no longer proceed with trying to collect the debt, which I can use to have the lien removed from my credit report, and it stated that any refund due to me will be mailed separately. I assumed the other letter was the refund, but no, instead it was a Notice of Forfeited Overpayment. It stated that my overpayment was not eligible to be refunded or credited because I did not claim the refund within 3 years of the original return.
    My options per the letter are to file a claim for refund on Form IL-1040X, if they deny my claim or fail to approve it within six months, I may file a written protest. It almost sounds like their basically saying “you’re not getting it!”

    My question is:
    1. Isn’t form IL-1040X an amendment form? If it is, what would I be amending?
    2. Is this accurate? State of Illinois can come after you forever, especially with a lien that will never go away unless you pay, but the State does not have to refund you after a certain time limit?
    3. Is it even worth it to try to recover this refund?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • hi,

    my mom was married to a guy that did fraud with her taxes, she trusted him. She doesnt speak english.. she got audited and was recommended a tax prepared. we just received another letter that the amount went up, it seems he hasnt done anything, is there anything she can do? like she owes 11k and she makes 400 per week.. we dont have that much money to pay and the tax guy doesnt want to reply to us after we paid him 🙁

  • Hi Jim, I filed for a amendment for years 2010,2011, and 2012, I got 2010 and 2011 back but didn’t get 2012 because i sent in the wrong W2, time passed and now is 2016, can I still get my 2012 amendment if I make the corrections and file for it again? Or is it too late?

  • I am on extension to file my 2015 taxes. I recently learned of the R&D credit for my S-Corp. I could not have reduced my 2014 using the credits, so I would be carrying this amount forward to 2015. Since 2014 was already filed but is still within the statute of limitations, do I need to amend my 2014 return or can I apply the direction above about closed tax years to my 2014 filed return and just include the 2014 credit carry forward and apply it on my 2015 taxes? Is there any official guidance or document to support my position here?

  • I am on extension to file my 2015 taxes. I recently learned of the R&D credit for my S-Corp. I could not have reduced my 2014 using the credits, so I would be carrying this amount forward to 2015. Since 2014 was already filed but is still within the statute of limitations, do I need to amend my 2014 return or can I apply the direction above about closed tax years to my 2014 filed return and just include the 2014 credit carry forward and apply it on my 2015 taxes?

  • I did not realize that my son living in my house and paying the mortgage was in fact rental income as I did not profit from this, Now I am trying to buy a home and they wont approve me because I did not claim this money on my 2014 and 2015 tax returns as rental income.

    How do I correct this honest mistake without the IRS thinking I hid something, honest misunderstanding on my part. Now I need to fix, So how do I do this?

    • You can file an amended return showing the rental income and expenses – mortgage and whatever else applies – which should zero out the income.

      Were you living in the same house? If so, it seems to me that this is not rental income but a gift to you from your son…

  • Hi Jim,
    I’m applying in my college for Financial aid and they are asking me for my parents’ tax return, but here is the problem mi Step-father and my mom fill married filing jointly. This year My stepfather did all his taxes very well, but my mother is a housewifeshe however, she earned 400 dollars last year, but they did put that money in their documents. Now the College is asking for the amended Tax Return and my stepfather is afraid that this affected his Tax History.
    Is there something to be worry about?

    • If I understand you correctly, your mother and step-father amended their return to include the $400 that your mother earned. Showing this amended return to the financial aid office should not cause your step-father any problems.

  • Hi, My ex husband and I have been separated for almost three years, but we still filed as married because legally we are still married. (divorce is not final yet) We were suppose to get money back but then I got a notification that my ex husband did not pay his student loans and they applied our Federal return to his student loans. I filed an injured spouse form because my money got applied to his student loans in which my name is not on any of his student loans. I was advise to file as an injured spouse.
    So I checked the status on where’s my amended refund, it shows that it has been completed as of 07/22/2016. If a refund is due back, will it automatically be direct deposited to my bank account or does it come by paper check? I’m just curious if I will even get a tax refund back. And honestly just upset that his mistake is costing me. Any input or advise?

  • In July 2014 my wife of 25 years left the household that we always filed married filing joint and a 17 year old child that lived with me till September of 2014. Unable to adjust my W-4 until August was to late therefore owing both state and federal. I amended 2014 taxes and they seized 2015 refund to pay for past due. I received a letter stating they adjusted my refund, what happens to my 2015 income tax?

  • Hello!
    I have a kind of unique and odd situation. I am 20 years old. I used to attend a university 2 years ago but I had an unfortunate situation occur with my financial aid. During my sopohomore year, fall 2014, my aid had not been disbursed and it was early October. When I spoke to a FA respresentative they told me that I had been chosen for verification and they found that my mother made a mistake on her taxes by filing head of household, instead of married filing seperately. They told me once the amendment was processed, to send the updated tax transcript in and Then my aid would disperse. The end of the semester came and the IRS had not processed the amendment yet. In March of 2015 the updated tax transcript was finally processed And i sent it to my university. They then alerted me that my aid had been sent back because I missed the deadline to turn in my paper work and receive my aid. Therefore, I owed them approximately 12,000 before I can continue my education. My question is do amendments typically take that long to process(october 2014- march 2015)? Also do you know if anything can be done for my situation. I am young and my life has been ruined by a simple filing status mistake. I keep running into dead ends where my only option is to pay off the 12,000, but I do not have access to that type of money. Nor do I feel I should have to suffer for a mistake I did not make. Please help.

  • Husband and Wife filed the wrong status for 10 year head of household and single, do they need to file amendments for the last 3 years? They are being told they need to file amendments for the last 7 years.

  • First things first Jim, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

    Quick question for you. I just learned that I overpaid on my taxes on 2013 (filed April 2014) and my 2014 (filed April 2015) in excess of $150K. In short I exercised and held some ISO, but my CPA reported that I had sold them therefore I ended up paying short term capital gain tax.
    I live in CA. Am I still good to file an amendment to get a refund of what I overpaid?
    Thanks again Jim!

  • i need to amend my husband and i tax returns from 2014 and 2015. i need to change our marital status from head of household to married joint. my question is do i file 4 seperate 1040 forms. 2 for each of us. and when i file it do i add his amounts to my amendment and then vis versa on his? i was worried the IRS would consider that filing twice on the same return

  • Jim, my employer–the federal government, provided me with an inaccurate 2015 W-2 (omitting DCFSA amount) which I used to file my taxes and only last week provided a w-2 c. Are you aware of any avenue for an employee to recoup the additional tax prep costs and interest and penalties (I now need to amend fed and three state taxes) based on the employers error?

  • HI Jim,
    For my 2014 tax return, I was disallowed the EIC because I was audited for that and had to get documentation for all 6 of my kids that have lived with me and my husband of 25 years, their entire life. Anyways With the hustle and bustle of life I was late getting the docs to them and I received a letter zeroing out my refund. Since, I filed this year ( for 2015 ) along with form 8862 and was allowed it once again. My question is, can I go back and amend 2014 since it was allowed this year or is it too late now. I can provide the proof they need to show the kids lived with me from the schools??

  • Hi, Jim!

    My ex-wife amended her tax return to allow me to claim our daughter (who had been living with her in another state) as a dependent due to some considerations we thought were beneficial regarding her attending college in my state. Now it turns out that it was not a wise or necessary move and cost a lot more than it gained us. If I amend my return to remove my daughter as a dependent, can she “un-amend” her return to rightfully claim our daughter?


      • Hi, My ex husband and I have been separated for almost three years, but we still filed as married because legally we are still married. (divorce is not final yet) We were suppose to get money back but then I got a notification that my ex husband did not pay his student loans and they applied our Federal return to his student loans. I filed an injured spouse form because my money got applied to his student loans in which my name is not on any of his student loans. I was advise to file as an injured spouse.
        So I checked the status on where’s my amended refund, it shows that it has been completed as of 07/22/2016. If a refund is due back, will it automatically be direct deposited to my bank account or does it come by paper check? I’m just curious if I will even get a tax refund back. And honestly just upset that his mistake is costing me. Any input or advise?

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  • Hi Jim, I appreciate you helping out the community so much. There are 3 statuses on the Where’s My Amended Return tool: Received, Adjusted, and Completed. Do you know at what stage the amended data will show up on my transcript? Is it once the status turns to “Adjusted,” or once it turns to “Completed,” or some arbitrary time in between those two statuses? I ask because I want to put an offer in on a condo, but I will only be approved for the loan if the underwriter can get my taxes with the amended data (as the amended data includes a lot of income my preparer omitted). I’m thinking of putting in the offer in anticipation that the amended return will show up on my transcript before closing, which could happen if it shows up on my transcript at the beginning of the “Adjusted” stage. The IRS agent I spoke with was pretty clueless and couldn’t give me a coherent answer.

    • Sorry, but I don’t know the timing of the information appearing on your transcript. I think you are probably doing the right thing, the worst that could happen is that the information isn’t available and you’ll need to delay the closing – which would happen if you waited. May as well take a chance, it might work out for you.

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  • Hi sir Jim, it is nice to know there is someone like you out there. Here’s our situation, we just arrived here in the US last Feb 2016 with my daughter, petitioned by my husband.. Got our SSS on march and also the green card. When it was about time to file for the income tax for year 2015, our tax person said she can amend our case from filing the years 2012,2013 and 2014.. Is that possible? Even if we are not yet in america those years?

      • okay sir, let’s say it is possible, but while I was reading thru the tax preparer’s amendment for those years, I’ve read that it was asked if how many months was my daughter living with the father in the US like 2013 and she have entered, 12 months, wherein we were still in the other country that time, is that still legal?

  • Hi Jim,

    I have a very quick question-IRS sent me a form CP2000 so I have to file an amended return for form 1040 Schedule C for 2014-do I have to refile the entire return over again or can I just print who the 1040 Schedule C for 2014 (two pages) and just fill that out and send it off?

    Thank you so much.

    • Anything that changes with the amendment must be filed along with the 1040X. Presumably the changes you’re making on Schedule C will flow through to the 1040, and possibly elsewhere – any changed form must be included.

  • I I filed an amended return but I got it returned back. They said there was no record of the original return so they can’t process the amended one which is crazy because I filed my original return sent it off but forgot to put my insurance information on my taxes so I filled an amended one and sent that off. Now they sent it back and told me to file a new 1040 and mail it back.

  • Hi Jim,
    I need to remove my son from my return and will amend with the 1040X. I want to know how much this will cost me. I believe I received $3000 for educational credits (For him and my daughter both in college) so do I owe the Feds $1500 for his portion of that credit? Also what will his exemption cost to repay?

    • Without seeing your return I have no idea what the result will be. You can test run it on paper to figure out what will happen – and if you don’t know where to start with that you should go to a tax professional to have them check out the result of the amendment for you.

  • Happy July 4th and thanks for your help. I wanted to clarify some items from my last question to you. I will bullet point the series of events.
    1. Amended my 2015 tax return due to fact that did not file separately for my 13 year old son when I needed to.
    2. prior to amending, I paid all estimated taxes under my social security.
    3. With amendment, detailed reallocation of my estimated taxes between my return (parents amended 1040x) and newly filed separate 1040 for 13 year old son.
    4. IRS , due to not processing my amended return prior to my sons return ,sent notice of tax due on my sons return because allocated all ES payments to my return and not sons.
    5. Cleared up issue with written response with all detail attached and IRS agent over the phone who actually reallocated ES payments correctly over the phone .
    6. Received letter CP21b stating refund to receive on amended return. – showing correct allocation of ES payments.
    7. Received actual refund check short time later which was $29 dollars more (assuming interest ?)
    8. Also, received refund check for sons separately filed return .-indicating correct allocation of ES payments.
    9. During this time, while tracking on “Where is my Amended return” Completed first two bars – accepted on May 27 and adjusted on June 24. Not the third bar yet – completed
    10. Also on “where is my refund” for sons return – completed all bars – Accepted, Approved and Refund sent.
    11.After receiving CP21b letter and refund for amended return, instead of seeing the completed bar on the “Where is my Amended Return”, I now see “Take Action ! – Return cannot be processed because were need more information. When receive letter I have 30 days to respond.
    12. Spoke to IRS on phone and they don’t have an answer because shows processed and refund sent. One said shows they are sending amended return back but system still shows return there ? Have not received any letter yet as of today.
    12, Have not been able to check because of IRS system maintenance.

    Just wanted, with the detail above , what your opinion in regards to what you think is going on ?

    Thank you !!!

  • Thank you for your help. I filed an amended tax return for 2015. I tracked the progress of the return on the IRS “Wheres My Amended Return”(WMAR) in addition to talking to IRS reps on the phone in keeping with the status of my return. WMAR stated that they received my return on May 27 and later that they Adjusted my Return on June 24. I actually received the refund from my amended return on June 27 and prior to that received the letter detailing the adjustment to my return and the refund due. Today, I logged into WMAR and to my surprise the message stated “Action Required !” We received your return on May 27 nut cannot process it because we need additional information and that we will receive a letter telling us what we need to provide within 30 days ? I was confused because I received my refund already and the IRS site had stated my return was adjusted so I called the IRS and both agents did not see any notice being sent to me and confirmed that I was given and refund and that I have no balance due ? Any insight as to what this might mean ? Thank you

  • Can I amend a tax refund if at the time it was submitted, only I was the wage earner? I have a refund for two years in my marriage, but now I have no access to my ex husband to have him sign the federal refunds.

  • Hi, I’m applying for ITIN for my mother since she is a foreign resident staying with us in USA and a dependent on us. I’ve been asked to submit Original Valid Tax return for which ITIN is needed, does that mean I need to submit copy of year 2015 tax returns as it is. Or do I refill the tax return with my mother added as dependent in the form 1040?
    Or do I just attach a form 1040X and the original tax return forms. I’m confused a bit with the documents I need to submit in order to get ITIN for my mother and claim her as dependent. Please help.

  • Out of desperation to pay off credit-card debt run up during a separation and divorce, I drained money from my 401(k). It saved me a lot in interest and fees and probably from being highly delinquent on payments. I have regrets but that’s the proverbial water under the bridge. I have since sold my house at a tidy profit and wonder if it’s possible to replenish the 401(k) and file an amended federal tax return and un-do the tax penalty I now face. Or, as I suspect, is the damage done and the best I can do is replinish the retirement fund this tax year and move on.

    • The only time you can re-fund your 401k like that is if it occurs within 60 days, and then it’s subject to the rules of the particular plan.

      Unfortunately I think you’re stuck with just starting over setting aside money as you go.

  • I am recently divorced as of last year and I forgot to file for half of the property tax for 2015 I do not live in the home my ex does but I forgot on the divorce papers is says that I can file for half of the prop tax. How do I amend my taxes to do this

  • I need to file an amendment to delete my 19 yr old daughter as a dependant that I forgot to remove. Will that change my return figures?

  • Hello, it’s my second year filing taxes. I had a preparer do it both year. This year he filed me as single when I was actually married 2015. It’s now affecting my financial aid for school and I am being asked to pay $1100 a month for my tuition since my filing status was incorrect. I have tried contacting the preparer but he is nowhere to be found. Is there any way I can amend the return myself?

  • I forgot to add HSA distribution amount on my tax forms for 2014 and got CP2000 notice from IRS last week (2 years later). After adjustments, the taxes appear to come out quite high as that distribution amount is being calculated as taxable income with penalty and interest.

    What is correct course of action here? Can i fight it and show them it was honest mistake as i have recipes to show where it was use.

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  • In 2009 my ex husband changed our agreement to show all support money as child support instead of breaking it in to spousal support and child support. Even though I am not eligible for any refund if I ammend back past three years, can I ammend back to 2009 and if I do is it possible my ex will owe back taxes? Thanks, -D in va.

    • You can amend as far back as necessary to correct your return information. Any refunds that would come from returns cannot be paid for returns amended more than 3 years after the original filing.

      Whether this would cause a change to your ex’s taxes, I don’t know.

  • I amended my state returns because of a cp2000 notice I received in March from the IRS. I thought I had 3 years to amend my state returns but I learned recently that I have 90 days from the day the changes were made to amend my state returns. now my question is, what if im a couple of days late in submitting my amended state returns? what happens?

  • After reviewing and reconciliation of my business bank accounts and sales receipts I made an error of 60K in sales reporting for 2014 and appx 20k for 2013 so I need to amend it but I also need to change my filing status to show married filing separately, I selected single. When I process the amended return is the IRS going to look at my original return as fraudulent?

  • adjusted on June 03, 2016. Within three weeks, you will receive a notice that explains the adjustment.
    What does this mean

  • The IRS sent back my Amended return from 2014, and the box checked was number 4. and it said Complete the form(s) or schedule(s) to support your entry on the line(s) of your form 1040x as listed below.
    EIC to support line 14. I’m just making sure I do this right before I send it back because the automated message stated I have to return it within 30 days. All the free tax prep locations are closed for the season in my area, HELP!

  • My bank sent me two 1098s forms, The corrected form was sent to me on May 31 with $288 difference lower. Do I still need to amend?

    • If you used the information on the original form for your original filing, you should amend your return with the new information. If you did not use the original information, such as if you took the standard deduction instead of itemizing, then you shouldn’t need to amend.

  • My bank sent me two 1098s forms. The corrected form was sent to me on May 31 with $288 lower. Do I still need to amend?

  • I got my SS on September 2015, can I make amendments for prior years to receive child tax credits that were denied with ITIN

  • I send 3 amended tax returns (for 2015 and 2 preceding years) to IRS over a month ago. On IRS amended return tracker only 2 out of (2013 and 2015) three are indicated as received, there is no information about 2015. Should I send to IRS the duplicate of 2015 1040X? (The IRS toll free number gives only automated response at this time. (I am expecting refund with all amended returns) .

    • There is probably a delay in processing the 2015 return for some matter, such as processing the original return or possibly processing the two prior returns before the 2015. I recommend waiting on it a bit – if you don’t see a status on the 2015 return by the time you get your other refunds, then you might re-submit the 2015 amendment.

      • It shows now! Thank you so much for your reply!! The AR for 2015 shows up today (June 11) after midnight and the receiving date was April 27 as well. Last Monday I sent a form 911 to TAS about this matter and (asking if I need to send a duplicate form). Let see what will be their response:)

  • I did an amended return and it was received on March 10, 2016 and I checked the status on it today and it stated my “Amended return has been adjusted on June 3, 2016. Within 3 weeks you will receive a notice that explains adjustment.” What does that mean? I was expecting a refund but does it mean I wont now? Thanks

  • We revieved a letter from the IRS stating we may be eligible for an additional child tax credit. We filled out the paperwork they sent us and after doing the math it looked like we would be getting it. We sent in the paperwork as instructed but it has been about 2 months now and we still haven’t received the additional check nor a notice letting us know if there was a mistake. My question is, how long does it usually take to receive an additional refund and if we filled it out incorrectly and did not actually get the additional credit would they send us a letter informing us? Thanks so much.

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  • I retired in June of last year and didn’t make enough that would qualify me to file but yet I paid quit a bit in interest on my mortgage, is it true that I couldn’t use that interest and filed or did I just lose that interest paid. Thanks

  • Hello, by april 15th I filed my 1040 Tax Form and put the wrong address. How do I amend the address ? There is no space for that on Tax form 1040X.

    • I don’t know of a way to amend the address on your return. I think you may need to talk to the post office to see if they will forward mail from the incorrect address – or you may need to contact IRS directly to resolve it.

  • I had someone else do my taxes in 2014 and they didn’t put any of my gambling winnings in , I live in Nevada I had about 7000 I was unaware of this I think this person put it as other income anyway I received a refund of about 1200 yesterday I received a letter from the irs saying I owe 1100 since none of my gambling winnings were put in my tax return from 2014 what do I do now, correct it by amending it or just pay it

    • If you have expenses associated with the gambling winnings it might be in your best interest to amend the return. The IRS only looks at the amount you won, not the net of your winnings against your expenses and losses.

      If your net winnings was the same as the total winnings, or if you don’t have records to substantiate your expenses and losses, you could just pay the tax and move on.

  • Hi,

    I have a personal property and an rental property. I paid off my personal property so I no longer reported any interest income on Schedule A. I still was paying a mortgage on my rental property and reporting the interest on Schedule E. Now forward a few years, I discovered that the property I actually paid off was the rental property and not my personal. Do I go back and amend my returns to reflect the interest paid on schedule A instead of schedule E?
    Please advise and thank you!

    • Yes, because mortgage interest is treated differently on Schedule E versus Schedule A. This is likely to increase tax for each of the years you put your interest on Schedule E when it should have been on Schedule A.

  • Is it possible to file an amended return for a year you have already filed an amended return ? This would be for two different changes that would have to be made.
    If IRS allows filing another amended return for same year, would you amend the original tax return and include the changes that were filed with the first amended return, or would you amend the 1st amended tax return ?


  • Hello…I just noticed on my 2015 tax return that I inadvertently listed my daughter as “foster child”…I must have clicked the wrong button in the dropdown menu or something. Should I attempt to fix this?

  • i filed my taxes and i told tax prepares that i was marry and she did not add my spouse and on my tax return she puts head of household ,what should i do how do i correct such error?

  • Hello,

    This year we have e-filed our 2015 tax return using TurboTax. According to the calculation we supposed to get refund from FED and owe some taxes to state of California. Returns were accepted, refunds were issued, as per the calculations we have paid the taxes due to CA. Earlier this month, we have received the refund check from the state of CA with the explanation on the withholding calculations. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Later when i have verified the data in TurboTax, i have realized that by mistake the state was selected as CO instead of CA under the W2 information (not sure if it was imported from W2 or entered by hand).

    – As the calculation error is already corrected by IRS, do I still have to amend the return and file it again?
    – Do you think state of CO will come into picture in any way (return was filed to CA with incorrectly written state as CO, all the withholdings and jobs were in California)?
    – If we don’t amend the return, will it create any issue while filing the tax return for year 2016?

    Please advise.

    • It’s possible that this could cause a problem – you might check with CA to see if everything is in order from their perspective. As long as there is no other change to be made with the federal return you won’t need to amend.

      • Thanks Jim. When you say “check with CA”, do you mean to call CA tax board and verify if things are in place? From the response from CA tax board it seems that they’ve treated this issue as withholding math error and corrected it. There was no mention of incorrect state selection “CO”. Also interestingly, TurboTax verification mechanism didn’t caught this error either as i have filed the return to state of CA but in return state was selected as “CO”.

  • My husband filed his taxes as head of household with his niece as dependent as he had her the majority of the year, she went back and forth when her mom was not able to care for her. We do not have all the necessary info the IRS is asking for, is it possible to just amend the return and remove her. He was her emergency contact and school and stuff but nothing saying we had guardianship of her.

  • I am filing a amended tax return for 2014. I received a refund, however in doing the amended form it shows that I now owe. Being that it is now 2016 and the refund I received in 2014 has already been added to my income in 2015, do I need to send my original refund back along with my additional owed tax payment?

    • No – the form shows (if filled out correctly) the difference in tax that you owe versus the original refund that you received.

      So if your original tax was (for example) $1,000 and you had a refund of $100 that means you had $100 extra withheld. If your new tax now is $1,050, that means you owe them $50.

  • Hello. So I just realized that my tax returns from 2006 have been completed inaccurately. Instead of filing as “married filing jointly” I’ve been filing as “single”. Is it possible to amend returns past the three years? And if so, would my husband need to amend all of his as well? Also, are there bigger consequences i.e. Getting arrested, jail time, etc if we amend all of our returns? Even the ones within the three year mark? Please help.

    • The biggest problem I could foresee without actually looking at all of your returns is that you may owe penalties and interest for underpayment of tax. Amending now is the right step, and paying any tax owed as soon as possible will help to mitigate the penalties.

      As long as you haven’t done anything perceived as fraudulent (hiding income, for example) then you should be fine.

      • Okay well that’s a relief. Definitely did not withhold income information. Just did not choose the right filing. So when I go about amending my returns, my husband and I are going to choose “married filing jointly”. Does my husband still have to amend all of his returns as well? Or by just me amending mine, will take of him as well?

        • And can I amend those past the three year mark? I’m not looking to get any money back, I just want to do the right thing by fixing the issue.

          • Yes, you can amend past 3 years, you just won’t get any refunds.

            When you amend the returns, you’ll want to combine both of the single returns (yours and your husband’s) for the column A information so that effectively you are amending both returns at the same time.

  • I filed my taxes February 14 2016 a few days later received a w2 in the mail I myself had forgotten about the difference to be paid to me is around $3000 I have all amended paperwork for state and federal including a copy of the w2 that was missing my question is will it take the 16 weeks to get my refund and does the reason for amending affect the time frame ex. An easily amended issue compared to a more in depth one I plan to mail them but am wondering also if it will speed up the process to have it mailed priority or another was because I live in Minnesota and my paperwork will b going to California thank u for ur time just got laid off so I really need the money as soon as I can get it and I want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

    • It’s hard to say how long it will take. It mostly depends on the volume of amended returns that must be processed, as these all have to be handled by hand. A simple change like yours should go relatively quickly but it still may seem like an awful long time for processing.

  • Filed taxes this year. My husband paid his own insurance last year and $612 dollars we owed and the check was cashed immediately. Just received my refund and they deducted an additional $612 from our refund. Who should I contact?

  • Dear Jim, I worked for UCLA for 20 years as an employee and had a 403b through them where they deducted pretax deferred salary from my paycheck and put that amount on line 12a of the W2 using code E. I never overcontributed. I took an early retirement last July.

    I did my own taxes and filed paper copies and never reported the 403b contributions on my 1040s. I’m not sure what the ramifications could be of not reporting it since I will be taxed on the 403b funds when I eventually take distributions. And sometimes the IRS even recalculated my taxes and gave me a larger refund (I always get refunds), so that must mean they were paying attention to the W2s that I attached to my return.

    Do I need to worry about this not reporting this data? (I haven’t done my taxes for 2013, 2014 and 2015 so I guess I could do it for those years.– I am owed refunds) Thank you. Teri

    • The amounts in box 12 (sometimes there is more than one code) are not reported specifically on your Form 1040 tax return – but they are reported to IRS and SSA so they’re aware of the contribution. This helps them to reconcile the box 1 (taxable income) with the information in box 3 and box 5 (SSA and Medicare income).

      There’s nothing you should need to do about your returns regarding this amount in box 12.

  • Hi, When I file my 2015 tax return I claimed IRA deduction of 5,500 but I got confuse when I was depositing in IRA account and transfer only 5,000 before April 15, 2016. When i discover the error it was late to make contribution for 2015 year. Because of this error i think I owe $75 to IRS. Should i file amend my tax return or wait to hear from IRS since this is not a significant amount? Thanks for your advice.

  • I’m researching this question for a friend. A Individual Tax Return for Tax Year 2008 was filed in October 2011. The tax preparer didn’t exactly do a good job and the taxpayer was hit with a significant tax debt. In March of 2016 a new tax preparer corrected the Return, the tax debt was significantly reduced, and an Amendment 1040X was filed. Because of the 3-year rule no refund was expected.

    The IRS kicked it back and and said “the law provides a limited period of time for us to charge and collect additional tax on your Form 1040. This legal period has expired for the tax period shown above. For this reason, we will not assess tax for the additional income you reported after the expiration date.”

    My understanding was a 1040X could be filed for years prior to the 3-year limit–for the purpose of fixing a Return with the understanding there would be no refund? For example if the taxpayer discovered she owed the IRS addition money for a prior year a 1040x could be filed, or if money was owed to the IRS but was in excess. The purpose of filing within 3-years was to correct a Return–and recoup any refund available. Past 3-years–no refund. If this is true is there a Section of the Tax Code that supports this conclusion?

    Or is the taxpayer screwed?

      • I’m sorry, I should have included more information and need to clarify one fact. The taxpayer owed approximately $6,500 when the 2008 Tax Return was done in January of 2010 by the other tax preparer–I was citing the wrong year. The taxpayer was hit with a number of unfortunate happenings at that time and in subsequent years in which she is just now emerging. So in March of 2016 the new tax preparer did an Amended Return. Right after the Amended Return was sent but prior to them receiving it, the IRS sent a letter demanding the $6,500. A response was sent informing them an Amended Return had just been filed. The Amended Return fixed all the errors that occurred with 2008 Return done in 2010. She actually would have gotten a $300 refund but none was expected due to the 3 year rule. It was hoped the IRS would simply process the Amended Return and essentially wipe out the debt. Nobody cared about a refund.

        Instead she just received a reply from the IRS regarding the 2008 Amended Return which said, after the obligatory thank you:

        “However, the law provides a limited period of time for us to charge and collect additional tax on your Form 1040. This legal period has expired for the tax period shown above. For this reason, we will not assess tax for the additional income you reported after the expiration date.”

        Notice how somewhat vague it sounds? I assumed it meant the IRS is saying “She had 3 years. It’s past the deadline. We won’t “charge or collect any additional tax” but she still has to pay what the prior tax preparer came up with…She’s screwed.”

        Do I have this wrong? I would like to be for her sake. If I’m not I was wondering if there is any Code or Section that can be cited which allows a prior Individual Tax Return to be Amended–past the 3 year rule–if there is no expectation of a refund? Since I posted the previous comment I’ve been looking but I can’t find anything. I did find a Section in Publication 17 entitled “Amended Returns and Claims for Refund.” But that Section is about trying to get a refund after the 3-years have passed. She doesn’t care about a refund–it’s about getting the fixed Return processed and knocking out the tax debt.

        My apologies again for not being more clear. Any thoughts? Do you know of a Section that can be cited? Either way, thank you for going over this question.

        • I suggest that she (or her representative) either call or visit an IRS office to get a straight answer about what is going on with this return. Without knowing for sure that IRS has all the information on the case there is no way to know for sure why that notice was sent – often there are time lags between receipt of one item and processing. It’s often a confusing and frustrating process but that’s what I’d suggest doing.

  • I recently recieved a letter from the state and irs saying that I owe them taxes for 2013. On 11/29/2013 I had a cancellaction of credit card debt for which I didnt know I had to list that taxable income on my return. The irs adjusted the number accordingly. I looked up form 982 to file for insolvency since my total liabitlities were at least 27000 and my total assests at the time were only 7500. So Do I file a amended return for 2013? I did not pay any additional taxes on that return, or do i just file the 982 since I was insolvent. Im really confused.

  • If I did not put the ECN marketplace numbers on my return, should I amend it and add them? by the questions I answered it stated the fees for no insurance were waived but I failed to put the ECN numbers when I got them. TurboTax shows my refund was accepted but I do not have a date yet on the refund tracking website, it still says processing ???

  • Hi Jim,
    I have found out about FATCA requirement after I filed my taxes. I have a bank account in a foreign country that exceeds the $50K limit (It is around $65K which is my savings of many years from my after-tax earnings in the US). Should I amend my return and file the FATCA schedule now?

    Also, my income was under $13K for the year as I quit my job and left the US and had no other income. I was going to get all the taxes I paid refunded as my income was below the threshold. If I file FATCA now, would that change my income? Do I need to re-do my 1040?

    Thanks, I am so confused.


    • Without seeing your return there is no way I can tell you if this will have an impact. Of course, income tax is only owed on earnings, so if you have a foreign account of $65,000 and the earnings was (for example) $500, then only $500 is included as taxable income, not the $65,000.

  • I received a K1 with the wrong amount on it. It was actually 1508. distribution instead of the 1000. I was told. My tax accountant would charge me 175. to amend the difference. He suggested that I just send in an extra 43. dollars to avoid penalties and interest. I did and they sent it back. Obviously they missed my explanation. The K1 came from my son’s company where I have 15,000. invested. He said the same thing, just send in the extra money and when they catch it, they will have the additional money owed.

    What should I do?

    • You can either amend the return and put this behind you, or you can wait for the IRS to bill you for the difference, plus penalties and interest. Quite likely the penalties and interest will not amount to $175 (the cost of the amendment) but by amending you won’t have to worry about this any more.

  • I am a bookkeeper and I a difficult client I had always wanted PLs etc. The rent payment for Jan was sent out early and was cashed in Dec. To make the PL understandable to him I moved the check date on the books to Jan 1.
    Then forgot to move it back. There were 12 months of rent expenses included in the last return and there will be 12 months of rent expense included in this return.
    Is this OK or does an amendment need to be done for the last one.
    Thank you

    • I suspect that since it is a prepayment of an expense into the following tax year there should not be a problem with leaving things as they are, carrying the expense into the 2016 tax year.

      However, I am not a CPA and as such I can’t say how well this opinion would stand up to scrutiny by the IRS if ever questioned.

  • I worked for a company in 2014 for about 2 weeks and I filed my taxes for that. I left the company in 2014 HOWEVER this year I received a W2 saying I made 15,509.00 after taxes but I never worked for them in 2015. Are they entitled to pay me that money they claim I made even though I never worked? What do I do?

  • I received a letter from DC Office of tax and revenue that they made some corrections to my 2015 Individual Income Tax Return. First one, 33. Total payments and refundable credits as reported was corrected due to change to the values on line 27 thru 29.
    Another 34. Amount you overpaid as reported was corrected due to a change to my total payments and refundable credits.
    Lastly, 40 Net refund amount as reported was corrected due to a change to the amount I overpaid. Then it says please allow 7 to 10 business days for receipt of you refund? Does this mean that I should receive a refund or credit?

  • Hi…
    My tax preparer informed me that if my wife and I were to amend our 2014 tax return to married filing jointly as opposed to married filing separately we would get some additional refund. I told him to go ahead and do it but now I see that I would have to pay some additional money to the state of California. My question is… can I just amend the 2014 Federal tax return and leave the state one be.


  • For 3 years my tax preparer has been fileing a w-2 for me instead of a 1099 what do I do from here the irs is now trying to verify my income and it was suppose to be filed as 1099 not a w-2 form . What do I do they say they can charge me with fraud and I had no idea she was saying I had w-2 and I never even gave her a w-2 form please give me advice

    • Be honest with the IRS – and let your tax preparer know that you’re implicating her on this as well. In the end, it’s your tax return and your responsibility to make sure it’s correctly filed, so any penalties and the like are yours – but the preparer owns some responsibility for doing this if it was against your wishes and it was clear that there was no W2.

  • My ex needed to file an amended return from when we were married. I agreed to sign and so I did. Now he has the refund check in both our names and will not tell me how much it is and when I refused to sign for the 200 he offered me to sign, he said he would just put it up and neither would get any money. Can he do this and am I legally entitled to half and what do I do to get my share at this poibt.?

  • Are there special circumstances, where the IRS will let me amend a return from 2011?(past the 3 year mark)
    In Sept. of 2015, A Hill County Judge awarded me a child support modification from 2013 which gave me a huge overage in child support, which the Attorney General’s Office kicked into the spousal support column dating back from 2011-2015.
    I’ve amended all my tax returns for those years and the IRS has sent me a refund for 2013-2015. I actually owed in 2012 so they sent me a bill.
    For 2011, there has been nothing sent back or posted on their site. I stand to get back $2600 for that year. I’m hoping they aren’t just going to ignore it since it is past 3 years. What is your best advice in this situation?

  • Jim,

    I filed my taxes as a sub contractor with 1099 and schedule c and put the total mileage used for 2 vehicles but only put 1 vehicle on the form. I can’t find how I amend the taxes to include another vehicle. Can you please advise how I correct this ?
    Thanks so much !

    • The following is just a guess since I haven’t seen your tax return:
      Fill out a form 4562 for the depreciation of the second vehicle, including the original information from the first vehicle, and combine this information on your schedule c. Submit the amendment with an explanation, even if it doesn’t change the tax.

  • The IRS deducted the incorrect amount that was electronically filed after I sent (USPS) the amended form to the Fed and State offices. When should I expect a credit to my account for the difference. I get back from State but owe less to the Federal government.
    Thank you for assistance. The AARP filed my taxes and the woman added numbers twice before I caught it, and had my bank verify the fact.

  • Hi, my ex contacted me today (the last day, of course) asking me to amend my return so he can claim one of our children (we have 4, I claimed all 4) so he doesn’t owe, despite the fact that I’ve obviously already filed my taxes and we agreed on who claims the children and that he hasn’t seen the children in 6+ months or paid child support longer than that. While I want to play nice to keep tensions as low as possible, would this be a wise move on my part? I don’t want to mess up myself because he didn’t plan.

  • Hi, I amended my 2014 return as I had not claimed my brother and his wife as dependents. I supported them for most of 2014. I have not yet received refund from federal and State filings. For 2015, should I include state refund or that would be 2016 income and can be taxed for 2016?

  • I never received my refund and 13 weeks later the irs finally answer led me as to why. My income didn’t match my w2. Easy fix but will they direct deposit my original refund thend send me the paper check for the difference or will it all be in a check? The irs refused to release the first refund until I amended it.

  • Hi! I prepared my own taxes and I forgot to put my company name and ein#, will I have a problem because of this or what should I do? Thank you

  • After printing my e-filed return, I realized that I listed our son as “grandson”. Do I need to amend for that error? Also, I entered our last years tax return of $79.00 on our federal form as income, line 10. When it shows up on our State return, it is listed as taxable refunds, credits, or offsets of state and local income taxes. Is that correct? It’s obvious that I haven’t done our own taxes in years. Thanks.

  • Hi –

    I accidentally entered my taxable state refund amount on line 9a (ordinary dividends), rather than line 10. Does this require filing of an amended return? This error does not affect a change to the AGI or total tax due. In looking at the 1040X, it looks like the only place to demonstrate the error is in the written explanation portion. Should I just assume the IRS will pick up on this clerical error?

    • As long as the amount wasn’t significant I would just make some good notes and wait to hear from the IRS (if you do hear from them). If you’re nervous about it, go ahead and amend the return. It can’t hurt, and you’ll put it behind you.

  • Hi,
    I need to amend my 2013 income tax. I did it online but since lost my forms. All I have is a copy of the tax statement I received from the IRS. Is it possible to use that to amend my taxes? The information is not in the same format and I don’t remember exactly what I put for deductions for school and expenses.
    Thank You,

  • My income tax was rejected because my son claimed himself independent on his income tax not knowing . I amended my son’s income tax so that I can claim him on mine. He lives at home with me. I pay most of his expense and he is a full time student. His amend was received and has not yet been processed or accepted. I want to know if I could still claim him (send it in paper form) when the amend has not yet been processed? Can I file without him and amend later? What is the best way to file?

  • Hi, quick question. My nephew Efile his return and he forgot to put his education credit so now he owes. But if he does the amendment he’s going to get a refund. So my question is, does he need to send the payment first before he amends his original return? Or can he just amend his return without making the payment? Thanks.

    • If it was me I’d make the payment now and then get a refund later. Otherwise the IRS is going to think he didn’t pay his tax owed and start the process of sending nasty letters and the like.

      The end result will be that he’d get the money back – so it’s probably less stress all the way around to just pay now and get it back later.

  • Jim, I ammended my return because I forgot to put down my student loans, it shows that my return has been adjusted and that I will receive a letter in 3 weeks, it didn’t say that I was getting my refund on the irs website, would they have put that after showing it had been adjusted if I was getting my refund? Or do they just state you will receive a letter?

  • Hi, I am missing a 1099 from contract work. Since I’m running out of time can I ask for an extension and make adjustments/complete later?

  • My father’s tax preparer made a drastic mistake on his e-filed return for 2015. An extra voucher – business voucher according to the IRS, my father doesn’t even own a business -was attached to my father’s tax return and e-filed together. According to the printed return, my father only owed $301, but the e-file mistake some how generated an owed amount of $12,000+. His tax preparer passed away suddenly and we have nothing but the original printed return. Another tax pro said his return is correct and doesn’t see any mention on the $12,000 + . The IRS has taken the money from his account as of yesterday. He expected the $301 not $12,000….What can we do? He will lose his home, car and everything if this is not remedied immediately. It has already completely taken his paycheck as well. Any hep would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • My husband had our tax preparation appointment while I was out of town last week. Against explicit instructions to my husband, the accountant generated E-signatures for us both, then filed the return before I could review. He sent a copy of the return, along with a backdated Form 8879 for us to sign after the fact. I am furious. What should I do?

    • Is there something wrong with the return? If not, no harm – but you should have a long talk with your husband and tax preparer about fraud and misrepresentation.

      If there’s a problem with the return you should contact the preparer and have him amend your return.

  • My husband filed his return married and filing separately without my knowledge. After I discovered this and we discussed it he agreed we need to file an amended return to get the best return and be able to claim both our student loan interest deductions. He filed on 4/9/16 and has not yet received his refund. Do I need to file a federal and state extension and wait for him to get the refund before amending, or can I go ahead and file an amended return tomorrow?

      • One more question. Do I basically file out am all new taxes return in addition to the 1040x? The IRS website is very vague on what actually needs attached when your are correcting a filing status and adding so much info that wasn’t included before.

        • Any form that is changed from the original return must be attached. Since your 1040 will be changed with filing status and presumably additional income, etc., you’ll need to attach the updated form 1040. Anything else that changes from the original must also be attached.

  • Hello Jim,
    I was preparing returns for my cousin and his girlfriend and I accidentally entered his W-2 info for her return and submitted it. A refund was due but she actually owed. Should I send a 1040X immediately with the payment for the amount due?

  • Hi Jim

    My husband filed our 2015 return April 3rd. This evening we discovered on our copy we forgot to mark line 38 on the 1040A form that we both had full year coverage. What do we do? Someone had told us they will see that we had coverage by our ss numbers, is this true.

  • Hello Jim,
    My husband filed our 2015 federal tax return electronically in February 2016, and we have received the tax refund. Shortly after filing, he realized that he should not have claimed our 25 year old daughter. (Our daughter had been in school most of 2015, and my husband did not know of the 24 year age cut off for students.) Our 1040X form was sent immediately and has shown as being received on the I.R.S. website as of February 29, 2016. Since it may take up to 12 weeks to process, should we pay the amount that we will owe once the form is processed or do we wait for a formal notice? Will we have penalties/interest accrue after April 15?
    If we should pay now, how do we go about doing so?
    Thank you.

    • This is hindsight, but you should have sent the tax differential with your 1040X. I would send it asap along with the voucher (assuming the software you used produced a voucher) so that it’s understood what the payment is for.

      If you wait past the filing deadline there will be penalties and interest accruing until they finally get in touch with you about it.

    • Jim,
      Thank you for the quick response to my question. I located the voucher form on the program site where my husband did our taxes. It would have been nice if it was more clear as to what needed to be done, but this is the risk taken when doing one’s own taxes.
      For future reference, the adjusted owed taxes should have been sent along with the 1040X and the voucher at the same time. I see on the IRS.gov website that owed taxes can be made electronically without additional fees.
      Thank you for your advice.

  • I e-filed my taxes back in Feb. and then I just received K-1’s for all 4 members of my family (they are for a trust and they each only show an amount in box 11 for an excess deduction of the final year). I am going to amend my tax return, but how do I enter each of my children’s k-1’s? I only see where I can enter my husband’s and mine.

  • I filed my taxes and just received a statement saying that as a beneficiary I can claim a lost on my taxes .should I amend it

  • Thank you for a clear and educational article. Really appreciate it. My husband and I file jointly and are waiting on ITIN numbers for his parents and grandparents whom we support financially. It’ll take several months to get their passports and apply for a ITIN using W-7.

    My question is can we go ahead and file taxes for 2015 (we are owed a small refund) and then later refile to include our dependent family on our amended 2015 and 2014 returns? Or will amending later to include dependents affect whether the IRS gives us the larger refund?

  • Hi, I forgot to take a credit in my 2014 tax filing for new energy efficient windows I installed in Oct 2014. Can I take the credit now when filing my 2015 taxes, or would I have to amend my 2014 return?

  • I received a 1099R for a direct rollover after I filed and received my refund; code G was in box 7 and there was no taxable income. should I amend my return to report this, or will the IRS know that this is a direct rollover without additional tax liability?

  • I received a late K-1 from a retirement account after I submitted my taxes.
    Since it is in a retirement account and will not affect my income, do I still need to do an amended return?

  • Hey hopefully someone could help. Me and my wife filled taxes jointly this year and we made under 21,000 by just 500$ and avoided the no health insurance tax. We realized after we sent them that i forgot one w-2. This is were i feel like its going to be tricky. The 900$this return is for is going to put us at about a few hundred over the threshold for being exempt. I also had other reasons that would make me exempt but didnt include them because i thought we were under the acceptable amount.

  • Hi,

    I submitted my taxes through TurboTax and just realized that I left off a 1099-misc I received from Chesapeake Operating, LLC in the amount of $186.00 for mineral right royalties. Do I need to file an amendment for this?

  • He did not file taxes for 2014 since the W2 in question was the only income he had for that year. So would it be an amendment or would he use the form (sorry the form # isn’t popping in my head right now) for a missing W2 and do it as a separate tax year filing?
    Also we were not married until last year, when he got his return for 2015 some was withheld due to him not filing 2014. After reading your reply, he started the amendment for 2015 and it’s showing he owes money, even though the Irs already withheld from his initial return. He has not submitted it yet, since we don’t have the money and don’t understand why it would be showing he owes anything.
    Thank you for your fast reply and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hi. My husband and I got married and our daughter was born last year. We both unknowingly filed our taxes as Married filing jointly. Mine would’ve been the larger amount but was denied. His wasn’t denied and has already received his return. I don’t know if we should amend his or mine. Also he still hasn’t received his W2 from 2014. We’ve tried to get it from his former employer but haven’t had any luck. So would he amend his 2015 taxes for 2014 or would he do a separate amendment?
    Sorry for multiple questions but we honestly don’t know what to do.
    Thanks in advance

    • Regarding your 2015 returns, since your husband’s was accepted you should amend his return to include your information.

      With regard to the 2014 W2, as soon as you have it, you would amend his 2014 return with the new information.

  • I received a K1 as a beneficiary from 2013 this year. I also received a final K1 as a beneficiary for 2015. Will I need to amend my 2013 taxes before I submit my 2015 taxes?

  • Hi, How many years can you go back to claim losses from an S Corp that were not carried forward? The business ran losses over the amount of our ordinary income for 7 years. I know you can carry forward 20 years, but my husbands accountant says these losses cannot be carried forward. They were all non-passive losses that went to the K-1 and were used to offset our ordinary income in each year, however the excess loss was not carried forward.

  • I have a question for a friend; he put the Marketplace Obama Care on his daughter because the ex wife wouldn’t but when it came time to do the taxes for last year the ex wife did her taxes before him and she claimed the daughter as a dependent. Now the daughter is having issues with FASFA Don’t they have to re-file the taxes for both parties and the Ex-Wife will more than likely have to pay back some of her return and pay penalties? Would it be better if the daughter claimed herself next time then this won’t be an issue?


    • Without seeing the returns in question I can’t say for sure.

      It does sound as if the ex-wife should amend her return to remove the daughter so that the father can claim her, but that’s just a guess based on what you’ve told.

  • Hi, my tax preparer made a mistake on my address and now I am trying to get irs transcript for my tax return 2015 but it doesn’t work because information does not match. What can I do to rectify that?

  • My husband and I filed our taxes seperate this year because we were seperated over half of last year. I filed HOH and he just did the normal. My taxes were offset due to students loans, which was a huge chunk of money. Now my question is, am I able to amend my return to Married Filing Seperate and remove my dependants so that A: He can claim the kids instead and B: the DOE takes less from me? Thanks.

  • I got married in in 2010 however, I did not claim my wife due to her oweing the Irs from 2010- 2014.. I just filed married filing joint this year(2016) and the IRS took the money she owed from the refund. My question is can I amend the last three years of me filing head of household vice married filing joint?

  • Hello,

    I am a non immigrant working here on an OPT in F1 VISA. I have already filed my taxes and received my returns. But I’d forgotten to file the form 8843.. What do I do now??


  • I just e-filed my 2015 taxes, and realized I forgot to report a 1099-R. It was a total distribution to a 401k account, so none of the distribution is taxable. In 2a, the taxable amount is 0. The total distribution box is checked in 2b, and the Distribution code in 7 is G. Do I need to submit an amended return for this?

  • I have been working on schedule D and form 8949 for stock options that I sold (which is not confusing on the form but in the tax program it is) but it looks like I entered the wrong amount on form 8949 in column G. I put the compensation amount from W2 form as a negative amount and it should have been the loss amount of $330.00 as a negative. Is this one of those things that the IRS will consider a math error and know to correct since they have info on W2 and 1099B? (I entered code B for “cost basis incorrect”). Or should I file an amendment? This was for my 2014 tax return.

  • I just received w-2c form for the years 2012 t0 2015. I have already flied all my tax returns for those years. The only change on the w-2c form was to boxes 3, 4, 5,and 6. On the original w-2 form all my earnings were reported in those boxes along with boxes 1 and 2. These are for wages earned while working at a State University and prior to 2012 the State and University had opted out of Social Security and Medicare and in its place created a SBS system which they contributed the same amounts of SS and Medicare taxes, as did I through payroll deductions. The corrected w-2 forms now report no wages for SS and Medicare. So do I need to amend the tax returns for these years? Since the wages and Federal income tax reported on both the w-2 and w-2c forms are the same there is no change to the income tax I owe. I assume the SSA will also receive a copy of the w-2 c and correct my SS wages information for these years, and unfortunately not give me any credit for SS quarters earned.

    • If there’s no change to your tax, you probably don’t need to amend. I’d just make some notes about why you didn’t amend, and keep these documents with your tax information for those years in case someone asks about it.

  • I owed back property taxes from 2011-2014. I paid them all off in 2014. I didn’t claim them on my 2014 tax return 1040a form. Can I claim these back tax credits ony 2015 return?

  • hi I filed a tax return via mail. today i received a notification that my tax return was adjusted because one or more dependent’s social security number didnt match the last name. i went into my tax return and found out i put incorrect social for my dad. can i just file amended 1040x and 540x so i can receive my full refund? thank you

  • Hi, I filed my 2015 tax back in March of 2016 and received refund already. Last week received W-2c (Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) from my company because there an error on line 12a, do I need to file amend?

    Thank you,

  • I amended my 2013 Federal and CA state tax returns in 2015 and received both federal and state tax refunds in 2015. I received a K-1 after filing the 2013 return for excess deductions upon termination of my Mom’s estate.

    My 1099-G from CA only included the refund from my 2014 return; I did not receive a 1099-G for the refund from the amended 2013 return. I itemize deductions and deducted state income tax from my 2013 return, and normally I would have reported the refund for 2013 on my 2014 federal tax return, but in this case I didn’t receive the refund until 2015. So how should I report the refund from the state amended return? Should it go on my 2015 return (which I have yet to file), even though I did not receive a 1099-G? I received 1099-INT for the interest on the refund from the 2013 amended return.

    • I would go ahead and include it even without the 1099G, in the same slot as you would claim it with a 1099G. Some states don’t send 1099G forms out any more, but since you received one for 2014 that’s kind of strange.

  • Hello i filed an amended return for the year 2014 because i didnt know that in 2014 i couldve claimed my 23yr old autistic son that recieves ssi and i just found out that the irs is sending a letter requesting more information. Could this be because im adding my son and didnt in the original 2014 return

  • Hello, I had filed my federal and state taxes in Feb, 2016. I received a corrected W2 a month later from my employer where the only change was in box 12 DD (Employer sponsored health coverage), which they had forgotten to report in the original W2. The returns have already been processed. Federal has paid me the money I was owed and State encashed my check. After I used Turbotax with the corrected W2, the final numbers did not change in either Federal or State return (because I believe 12DD is for information purpose only to IRS). Am I required to file an amendment?

    • Probably not – I’d just make yourself a note about why you didn’t file the amendment and keep that along with your corrected W2 with your tax files, in case this ever comes up. The IRS likely won’t pursue the difference since there is no tax impact.

  • hi I was doing my friends taxes and he lives in Alabama where they do their taxes every two years so I started doing the 2015 taxes first and I have accidently put his 2014 unemployment on the 2015 income and already submitted it to e file. I believe I will have to do an amendment but now what do I do for the 2014 taxes should I claim the unemployment or should I ask for an extension? to find out what happens with the 2015 taxes? please help I feel horrible.

  • I am an international student and am require to file form 8843 with W2.
    However, I just noticed that 8843 is to be signed only if it is the only form I am filing.

    I signed both 8843 and 1040NR-EZ and shipped them to IRS yesterday.

    Would this cause any issues?

  • Hello,

    I filed my taxes using a program and when I was selecting the yes or no for having healthcare I selected yes and scrolled down, by doing that it switched it to no. I didn’t realize the error until after I efiled. Also I forgot to add my daughter as it was my year to claim her. I did an amendment through my tax program fixing the errors as in I added my daughter and fixed the health care section where there was only one month my daughter did not have coverage since I got out of the army last year in November. I was supposed to get a certain amount back on top of the original return. I got the original return in February. I just got a notice saying that they changed the information and I owe $28 for the month she didn’t have coverage.

    My question is am I still getting the difference on the return that I am owed and they were just notifying me of the cost of the lack of healthcare coverage? Or did they mess it up and are just charging me for the $28 that I owe. I assumed that they would just take that out of the difference that they owed me? I am very confused.


    • Without seeing the returns and the documentation from IRS there’s no way I can decipher this for you. You would probably do well to talk to a qualified tax preparer, bringing all of your documents along with you.

      You’ve got 3 years to submit an amendment for a refund, and since right now is likely the busiest time for preparers, I’d suggest waiting until May to talk to someone about this.

  • I filed my tax return Jan 19th still haven’t received it I got a tax advocate to help me and now I filed a amended return only 187 difference now they are saying I forgot to add form 1099 on there but I didn’t claim any taxes should I have to wait another month or more when I’m in desperate need of my refund I can’t get any info from IRS or my advocate

  • I got the 1098t from my daughter school and is not showing her full last year, when I call the school they said because they count when the student enroll the previous year, but looking at the previous year I still missing a semester, when asked them they said the reason is because we supposed to request the other 1098T directly from school, which didn’t make sense to me when every single year they sent it to us, So do I need to ammendt the taxes because the 1098t for 2014 or just include that amount in 2015?, I am talking about $3,236 for that semester. To their convenience you see all the cal grant correctly disburses but not what we paid for each semester.
    Thank you!

  • Good morning,

    I’m filing an amendment only change is to add a dependent my question is would I leave lines 12-23 blank?

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

    • No, you would fill out those lines to show what was originally on the return (column A) and then what the new amount would be (column C) and the difference (column B). If some of the numbers don’t change, you still need to fill them in on the amendment.

  • Hi Jim. In 2015 I filed Federal and Virginia state taxes. I received refunds from both. I then had to amend the returns and received refunds again from both. I then had to amend the last time and ended paying federal and state. What do I do with the refunds and payments?

      • I didn’t receive a 2014 VA 1099-G for the state refunds which I have to claim as income when I file my 2015 taxes. I called the state and they couldn’t figure out why, so they are sending me a letter. They said I need to call IRS and ask them what to do when filing without a 1099-G.
        On the last tax amendment I had to pay 2014 state and federal. Do I do anything with the money I paid when filing 2015 taxes?

        • First of all, if you didn’t itemize on your 2014 return to claim the state tax as a deduction, you don’t need to claim this income on your 2015 return.

          Assuming you did itemize, you can claim this without a 1099G on line 10 of form 1040, regardless of whether you have the form.

          Regarding the money you paid when filing your original 2015 return, just account for that in Column A on the 1040X.

  • Hi Jim–Just a short note–in filing fed taxes only, no State of Florida.I filed in 2011-12-13-14, fed only
    is it true that you can include in schedule A, form 1040-line 23–investments and that over $100,000.
    you can deduct around $3000. Then in miscellaneous itemized deductions, line 16-and line 19. I
    didnt do this for the above years, can I amend those years.
    Thank you so much.

  • Hello Jim Blankenship
    I received a K-1 from an ETF after I filed my income tax, Should I amendment my income tax if this K-1 only affect my Capital Loss Carryover,not my 1040?.

  • Please kindly assist

    I have a 9 years old which his mother pays for his insurance last year. His mother was working for a hospital from January to August 2015 before she lost her job and applied for insurance through the market place from September to December 2015.

    I have always been the person claiming my son on my return since he was born but IRS sent me a letter after I filed my returns asking me to file a particular form to reconcile advance payment made from September to December.

    What exactly is IRS asking me to reconcile? Should I just amend my return and remove my dependant so his mother that pays for his insurance can carry him as dependant?

    Please clarify

  • Please kindly assist

    I have a 9 years old which his mother pays for his insurance last year. His mother was working for a hospital from January to August 2015 before she lost her job and applied for insurance through the market place from September to December 2015.

    I have always been the person claiming my son on my return since he was born but IRS sent me a letter after I filed my returns asking me to file a particular form to reconcile advance payment made from September to December.

    What exactly is IRS asking me to reconcile? Should I just amend my return and remove my dependant so his mother that pays for his birthday insurance can carry him as dependant?

    Please clarify

  • My accountant filed my return with my husband and he owe debt back for years, and I told him that I always filed separate. IRS took my taxes for his debt, can I amend my tax return and get my money back. I told the accountant that I have always filed single he said that he wanted to save me money. Now it has cost me my taxes.

    Will the IRS give me my money back, that is not my debt and the accountant was suppose to file it single?

  • My husband and I filed jointly. Now, we need to amend and file separate (student loan repayment purposes). We used Turbo Tax and have already received our refund. I can go through and amend our original return for each of us, but the amount showing we now owe is not calculating correctly because we are amending the same return (I go through put his info in and then delete it and then amend with my info). If we just do the amendment with the Turbo Tax software will the IRS and State look at both our amendments and original return to figure out the true amount we owe?
    Turbo Tax doesn’t seem to know the answer.
    Thank you!

    • You will need to amend the one return, removing one or the other of you from the return. Then you’ll file a new return for the one removed from the original return. You may need to wait for the amendment to process before you can file the new return.

  • I thought I enrolled in the marketplace but turns out I didn’t. I e-filed and accidentally put that I had part coverage through obamacare (line 38 1040A was blan and full coverage not checked). The IRS sent me a letter stating that I needed to provide the 8962 form along with the 1095-A, should I file 1040X and pay the penalty?

  • My husband and I filed our 2015 taxes and forgot to check the spouse block for my schedule C. The profit of $2900 is showing under his Social Security number. Is that a problem and if so, how do we fix it?

    Thank you!

  • Hey Jim!
    I guess I have the same issue as previous comment. I did claim my 19 year old as he graduated from H.S. this last year. He left for military in Aug. He has 2 months of income to report as he didn’t get his first check until November. If I’m understanding you correctly by your comment below, that not only do I need to file a 1040X, but my son does as well? If so, will that be used in place of his 1040? He E-filed and it was rejected due to this issue…any advice you can give me would be so appreciated!!

    • If his was rejected, he will only need to re-file his original return once you’ve amended your return to remove him from it. At this date (Mar 24) it may require him to file an extension request because your amendment will likely not process before April 18. Then when your amendment has processed he can efile an original (not an amendment).

      • Thank you! You helped me more than the IRS! I appreciate your help very much! This website is great! Hope you continue for a long time!

      • yes he did….I’m prepared to Amend. It’s a hassle however as he is 19 and it’s his first time ever filing taxes. He doesn’t know the right questions to ask so I’m trying to help him from afar! lol.. I’m all the way in Florida and he is in Colorado!

  • Hi,
    I didn’t realize we couldn’t claim our daughter this year who turned 19 in 2015. She attended school part time and earned 9,000 at her job. She has already filed her taxes and did not claim herself. I already filed too and learned shortly there after that I made an error when I claimed her. Should I amend this right away? Do you think the IRS will catch this and fix it for me?

  • Dear Sir; we came to New york getting residency since June 30 2015 whilst on state tax return the tax return agency wrote on our behalf July 1 2015 and i think first why should he write incorrect info and secondly i think i got less tax return thus may i know if writing July 1 instead of June 30 which is my real date coming to new york decrease my tax return?

  • Good morning, Mr. Blankenship
    First of all thank you for the info, very helpful, my question is the following. My tax preparer made a mistake on the amount I made she used the total amount before my 401k, FSA ect… Was taken off, so I received a letter from the IRS and they said that it’s under review and that they will either send me a check or request additional information with in 45 days, I called the IRS and I explained what happened on my tax return the lady told me that if they didn’t fix it that they will send me a letter asking to amend my tax return, so she suggested to go ahead and fill out the 1040x (which I have no clue how to do) so my question is does the original preparer has to do the amendment or can any one else do it, please advise and what do you recommend?

    • Anyone can amend the return – it’s probably simplest for the original preparer to do it since they have all of the information about the original return. But it’s not a requirement, as I said, anyone can do the amendment.

  • I read your post and it’s of so much value. Many thanks. I however want some insights, I want to file an amendment to the tax return that i filed. There is a change to some Federal returns due to me and nothing on the State side.
    Do i simply mail in the Form 1040X to the IRS and do nothing on the State side? Or do I mail in the Form 1040X to both the IRS and State?
    I appreciate.

  • Jim,

    You can tell by all the comments and questions since 2011 that this is a very applicable article!

    I have a question — in doing my 2015 taxes (form 8949; cost basis on non covered RSU’s) correctly, I’m finding that I gave myself the wrong cost basis on my 2014 taxes which made me look like I had significant capital gains (upwards of $1500). I was really confused by the ETRADE/IRS not allowing it to be reported on 1099b’s starting in 2014, hence I left the basis’ zero.

    Anyway, is this worth amending my 2014 return to report the adjusted cost basis now that I’ve found it? I figure it could be worth a few – several hundred dollars. What are the repercussions, if any? Should I be worried about audit, etc?


    • That’s up to you whether it’s worthwhile. Amending a return does not cause (in itself) any specific repercussions, and there’s no evidence that an audit is more likely after an amendment. If it was me, I’d do the amendment.

  • Quick follow-up… If you amend your federal taxes, do you HAVE to amend your state taxes too? In my case we amended because we changed filing status to married filing jointly from single (due to repeal of DOMA we were able to file jointly and got a larger refund from the feds). Thanks!

  • I listed the wrong physical address for my business on Schedule C in my completed tax returns for 2013 and 2014. Do I need to amend my taxes to correct this?

  • Hi, I submitted our joint Federal and CA state tax returns. Our Federal was rejected saying that my husband’s name did not match his social security number. It turned out that I had accidentally wrote my husband’s middle name as his last name. I corrected and resubmitted the federal return, which was accepted. My problem lies with the CA state tax return because it was accepted with his incorrect name. I have already received our refund from them as well. Is this something that I would need to amend? Thank you!

  • hi I filed on feb 9th and still haven’t received my refund yet i got a letter saying I needed to do a indentity verification I went to the irs office and did this the lady looked over the copy of my return and said everything was good just to check the refund site once a week I tried to call and check on my refund status and the tax advocate I talked to told me I need to file a amendment because I didn’t fill out a schedule c form but when I talked to the place that filled out my taxes they told me it was ok that they would figure out what taxes they need to take if any but I’m worried because the tax advocate put in the computer that I was filing a amendment I don’t want to if I don’t need to will this put a hold on my refund and cause it to take longer for me to get it or should I call and let them know I’m not filing a amended return thanks please help

  • My dependent son (full-time college student living at home) filed his taxes and claimed himself. I caught the error and helped him file an amendment to his federal and state taxes. I checked the IRS website and it says that the amendment was received in early March and to allow up to 12 weeks for processing. I was waiting for his amendment to go through before submitting mine so that I could claim him. If it doesn’t go through before the April deadline, does that mean I need to go ahead and file my tax return without claiming him, and then file an amendment later, after his is processed?

  • I filed my tax return with my husband and it was accepted by the irs ( he works and i stay at home) i havent paid my student loans and i have a tax form for it and i forgot to file it. It says 0.00 on it. Should i ammend my taxes

  • This is odd. I have disability not ssi but a portion of disability and the reason is about ten years ago i had two small kids and had to work and get off it..sadly i don’t have a husband to provide enough only five years out of being for almost twenty years my mom had died and my face was attacked and i was the one carrying two side jobs and fulltime jobs after we went to his moms to help her save and sell her house and my money went towards repairs. I have to fight social security because a lady asked me to work a fifth week in 2005 and i said ony certain days it would have to be one week cashe as I was hired in that purpose and the kids daycare was a lot so in 2010 after moving to his mother’s for a year and a half they told me (lady 1099) me i didn’t know until a year later and then i got a 60 k bill and they have been taking half and putting towards overpayment and not only was i a nanny they paid on the side and had constant strain for years as a hairstylist because either husband was cursed because everything was backfired and job to job,he is intelligent we took student loan out that he never found a job in hvac and he forgot to pay for a few months because on top of taking care of his mom two kids and him,i had ptsd and haven’t been able to work but only side housecleaning jobs .I was in and out of dr appointments trying to heal from the ptsd and the dog bites..so they seized our return 7000 last year and I got innocent spouse and he waited to file last year because he was mad they were taking the refund towards the school loan so i took out a 12k pre settlement loan and survived on my jobs,trying to heal in a lazy depressing environment ,maybe nice and all smooth talk,it must be because they took his unemployment benefits away the same month i had a settlement so i paid and paying all the bills and towards daughter’s college and six months rent to save my health and the marriage,but he still has no job yet he gets hired i mean bad luck or whatever but how can three different jobs,he holds out for promises and they say oh come in tomorrow or this day that?but anyway maybe because we filed later last year this lady liberty tax said we both need pins we both applied for them and we get 5 digit and unable to get 6 digit and i finally got a human to talk to they said put the agi in so we call the lady it’s been 3 weeks and she came up with a very low amount no child tax credits 1808,i got that for innocent spouse or close to it.has anyone gone through this i mean she gave him attitude since she never filed and expects to get paid the whole 200 it’s our guy we are going to so now because of everything i can barely pay the bills and am resentful a bit because I haven’t taken time off and and just worried if they’re going to keep it he has been paying 5 a month towards it so if you pay because he is unemployed again.only they took taxes out and then they took the benefits in august so i am wondering how it’s never been this low to not being able to file becuase of pins and we have also had a lot setbacks in the past because he had to cash in his 401k and he asked for the irs to take it out .That was when i was hustling to provide the family alone and becuase of this environment and slothfulness ,I have to go back out there now and work a couple jobs and thinking of parting ways. Sorry I was under tremendous stress.Thanks for reading

  • I am amending a 2012 return. Due to DOMA, my wife and I each filed as single, but now that DOMA is overturned, we can file as married. I understand that we need to fill out form 1040X and I have done that, but I find that the values are very different depending on whether I amend my single filing or my wife’s single filing. I had a much higher income and so we get a much larger refund ($3k) when I amend my return and a much smaller refund if we start with her return and amend it ($1k). It sounds like the IRS won’t want both our amended returns, so do I just go with the larger refund option? Seems to me that amending just one return doesn’t fully account for both of our previous income/taxes paid, but is that OK? Thanks in advance!

    • You need to combine the numbers from the two in order to file the amendment. Since you both have had returns that passed through the system, and have gotten credit for tax paid and possibly paid in or received a refund, all of those facts need to be accounted for.

      • Thanks! Figured it out — I wasn’t including my wife’s 2012 refund when I did the math amending my return (and vice versa with hers — wasn’t including my tax payment when I did hers). I am sure of the math now because regardless of whose return I amend (hers or mine), I get the same additional refund!

  • My wife and I got married july 2015….when it came to tax filing she decided to file hers separate using married/separate as filing status and received refund….I went to file mine well low and behold filing married/separate as she did we lost out on a much larger refund… Now that I have brought my wife to her senses how do we fix to file married/joint. I have not filed mine as of yet ….Thanks

  • My wife and I got married july 2015….when it came to tax filing she decided to file hers separate using married/separate as filing status and received refund….I went to file mine well low and behold filing married/separate as she did we lost out on a much larger refund… Now that I have brought my wife to her senses how do we fix to file married/joint….Thanks

  • Hi — need to file an amended tax return and was married that year, I live in the house and he now has a new address, where would the refund go? Is it always delivered to first name listed if it’s to both?

  • E filed my tax papers and the company forgot to list my new daughter as a dependent. Already recieved tax return payment before amendment was made. Just curious if i will recieve another check since im sure i should get more in return because of another dependant.

  • hello, received a letter ‘ your return does not match…” I think it is because of the schedule C forgot it but it is on my file/computer. Do I need a 1040x or faxing the schedule C is enough? Thanks for your help!

  • Thank you very much for the information. I did not realize I should use Schedule A for itemized deductions rather than the standard deduction as it would be better for me. Are you allowed to change this for the previous year tax return by filing a 1040x and a Schedule A from last year?
    Thank you, Maria

  • I had too file a amended state tax return because i was approved for a additional credit . I mailed out my form on feb 24 2016 i been trying too get information about my status of this return but nothing has been posted till today can you helo me figure this out . Thanks

  • Hi Jim,
    So glad you are here!
    My fiance and I have been living together and engaged for over 15yrs. (not married, just engaged) We have a 14yr old daughter that we have raised together since she was born.
    (I was pregnant when we started dating. Her bio dad was abusive to me and has literally never laid his eyes upon her.
    I have also had child support waived as it places me in danger.

    Up until the past 2yrs I have always worked and filed my own taxes so this years issue never came up before.
    Since I did not work in 2015 and will not be filing a return, my fiance was planning on listing both of us as his dependents AND file as Head of HH. (Using our daughter as qualifying child for H of H)
    Again, he has raised her since birth as his own child, however he is not “named on her birth certificate.”
    She IS my fiance’s daughter in every way except blood.
    A) CAN he file Head of Household claiming our daughter as his qualifying child?
    B) What will they ask for if they audit him?(IRS) (Note: I do have her birth certificate but its blank in the “fathers name” field so that’s not going to help)
    Thank you!
    Your input is greatly appreciated!!

    • I don’t think he can do this, because neither you nor your daughter are related to him, either by blood or by law. One of you would need to be related to him to be considered his qualifying person for HoH tests. It’s likely he could claim you both as dependents for the exemption though, as you would meet the tests for dependents.

  • we had our taxes prepared by H and R Block the last 4 years. We felt they would help us find all of the deductions we were due. That is what they advertise over and over. My husband has been retired for the past 10 years. We were told that he could not contribute to an IRA. O.K. We were never advised that we could contribute to a “spousal Ira” because I am still working. They said this has been in effect for the last ten years. I feel they did not hold up to their finding all the deductions for us. How can I get some satisfaction for all the lost income deductions. I will greatly appreciate any help.

    • Best of luck to you!

      If you really want to pursue it, you’ll need to get in touch with H&R about it – but I doubt if they’ll do anything about it. Suing them is likely not cost-effective. I don’t know of any other recourse you might have.

  • I did my 1120s and filed, and now found out that I by mistake included $2 interest income in the ordinary income in schedule K-1. Although it doesn’t affect tax liabilities, should I still need to amend this 2015 form 1120s by Mar 15 2016?

  • I filed the 1040x for 2015. We forgot to include a credit for education. I went to follow up online and noticed that i sent all the correct forms BUT the 1040x had 2014 checked? Do i have to fix this or will they see the numbers and the original 1040 are all from 2015??

  • I forgot to deduct my real estate taxes and sales tax on a vehicle purchase-is it worth me to possibly trigger an audit for 550 dollars-I just sold a rental property that i lost money on and dont want to try to figure all that out again

  • Instead of applying 1040NR tax returns, unknowingly i applied w2 tax returns. it is approved by federal and state returns.. i need to cancel this returns.. can you please help me what to do now and how to cancel the returns…

  • Jim I retired on Federal Disability and it is fully taxable. Instead of reporting it on line 7 for the 1040A form where the 1099r’s go, Turbo Tax somehow listed it on line 1 where regular income from the W2 goes. I paid the full tax and I have made worse mistakes in the past which were just IRS corrected. Do I need to amend my return(s)?

      • Thank you! So I just go ahead and use the K-1( with $2 interest income included in ordinary income) to file my 2015 form 1040?
        Thanks again!

      • Thanks Jim, appreciate your reply. I reviewed my Turbo Tax entry once the return was accepted by both my State & the IRS and nothing was wrong, aside from seeing my taxable income appear on a different line. Perhaps it is a Turbo Tax glitch although they properly guided me through the whole submission using the Free Edition including free State filing for $29.95. One might ask how that is considered free but they provide some extra preparation & return assistance if needed.

  • My boyfriend filed and had our son and I as his Dependants. We were told we’d get so much back but on our returns we got less. They took out for his student loans, I was told that its considered mine and our sons money and to get it amended. This same thing happened to my parents and they had to get their amended. Do we need to get it amended?

  • My husband signed, but I forgot to sign our amended joint return and didn’t realize it until after I mailed it. What should we do? Can we amend the amended return, or is there a less confusing way to fix this?

  • my exboyfriend claimed my daughter and wasn’t suppose to and I had to do amened return to get my dependent back do I got to wait for him to remove her to get refund?

  • Question,

    My wife and I filled our taxes jointly, we found out (due to her student loans) that we would benefit more from filling jointly due to a loan forgiveness program. Do I file two separate 1040xs? or do I amend mind and file a regular 1040 for her? H&R block online will only let me file one amended return on my account. I am lost. Please help lol.

  • We had to file an amended return for the year 2012 when we received a corrected w2 from my husband employer. The amended return also had to include foreign taxes paid (employer paid those taxes on our behalf but then added it to our reportable income by sending us an amended return MONTHS later after we had already filed our taxes). I didn’t get the amended return send in until September of 2015 when I finally was able to get it all figured out. The IRS has been saying its in “examination” since December and I’m now having to work with a tax advocate who says if we don’t hear back in a timely matter from the IRS it could be turned considered not able to be processed would would put us past the 3 year limitation for a refund (we’re expecting over $6000) and we wouldn’t receive that refund. Can you explain this process? I don’t understand why I’m not able to find out what is going on with it and why we haven’t heard a single thing and how they’re delays could cost us our refund since we filed it within the limit. Hope this makes sense-I’m feeling defeated after being on hold for hours.

  • My tax preparer made mistake on my federal return this year. I had to file an ammendment. I am on medical leave from work and am experiencing hardships with rent and car payments. Is there anyway of getting my amendment moved along quicker? Thank you in advance

  • I filed my return on February 13. I received my state refund however last week i received a letter from the IRS stating that they needed more information regarding the medical premiums I’ve paid in order to take this credit. I found out that it had to be the case that 50% of my premiums or more were paid by me and not my employer. I sent them back a letter asking them to disallow this credit and we will look into applying in future years once we do research and find out how to properly capture this. Was this the right thing to do? Will they ask me to amend my return or will they simply discredit the amount?

  • I need to amend my 2013 and 2014 tax returns due to not including income from other sources aside from my W9’s. Stupid me thought I only had to report earnings from W2’s and W9’s. I’m a house painter and didn’t report deposited checks in my bank account from regular homeowners. The W9’s I received were from commercial paint jobs that required me to fill out 1099’s. Will I get in trouble aside from paying penalties and interest?

  • I need to amend my 2014 taxes due to an error in our mortgage interest paid (we entered $800 instead of $8000). Because of this error the computer program didn’t itemize our deductions we took the standard, so I don’t have a Schedule A from 2014. I cant seem to find a copy of one online to fill out for the 1040X form. Can I use the 2015 Schedule A?

  • Hi ,
    I have a question–

    I have to amend my 2013 federal taxes and I am getting a refund because of that. Because of that the 2014 return also needs to be amended as I made the same mistake on both the tax years.

    So should I send them together or wait for the 2013 amended return to be processed before sending the 2014 amended return.


  • Hello,
    I e-filed my taxes then realized I did not include my 1099-sa. So I went on-line and amended the taxes with the 1099-sa info. However it didn’t make a difference i don’t owe anything and the don’t owe me anything. Do I still have to mail in the amended tax forms? And if I do…do I now include W-2 & 1099-sa?
    I would appreciate any help in the matter.
    Thanks Sarah

    • If there was no change you probably don’t need to amend. I would just make a note to yourself explaining the circumstances and maintain the records for a few years in order to ensure that you can explain it if/when the IRS asks about it.

  • Hi
    My husband and I completed our joint taxes through H&R Block and we claimed our son, a college student. However, when my son filed his taxes a couple of weeks ago, he fell to indicate that we (his parents ) where claiming him. My husband and I found out today that our taxes were ejected because we claimed our college son. We need to claim him because we are paying for his college tuition about $7000 a semester. Our son has already received and cashed his federal tax check. How should we do an amendment for him and file our taxes?

    • How? Just amend his return to indicate that he’s claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return.

      You’ll have to wait until his amendment has processed before you can file your own return, so I suggest that you get this going asap.

  • We purchased our home on contract for deed in 2010. When I filed taxes in 2011 the party we bought from opted not to provide us a 1099. The information I read at the time led me to believe that I could not deduct that interest unless they provided the 1099. Now I am reading that I could have created our own 1099 and used that. Without the interest we do not itemize. My understanding is if I choose to I could file an ammended return for 3 of those years. If I choose not to file ammended returns, is it allowable to itemize and claim the past year interest this year even though I haven’t recently purchased the home?

    • You can only deduct the interest in the year that you paid it – so unless you amend the returns for the prior years (you could go back to your 2012 return if you get it in before April 15, 2016) you will not be allowed to deduct that interest.

  • Hi there,
    I made an honest mistake on my taxes, I had worked for my previous employer for 5 years and I messed up on my W4 with the new company I just started in the middle of 2015. Is it even worth sending in an “abatement letter”? I filed my taxes through TurboTax and had to amend it after I noticed an error. At the end of the day, I owe $5000, should I send in my amended taxes into the IRS before I apply for an installment plan? This is the first year in 10 that I owe anything.

    I really appreciate the help.

    • Go ahead and file your return, and pay as much as you can of the balance at the time. Afterwards, IRS will be in touch with you to find out what you’re going to do about the remainder. If it was me, I’d save up as much as you can before that point and make a payment, and then work with the IRS to set up a payment plan as necessary.

  • I Have two 1099 misc forms from 2013 and another for 2014. Will I get in trouble with the irs for amending them now? I thought i did not make enough on them so I never filed. I found out this year that if you make over 400 it needs to be filed as I has to file one for unemployment this year. I just don’t want the irs to put me in jail for two 1000$ dollar 1099’s.

  • Hi JB,

    My husband filed jointly in Turbotax introducing my SSN but without introducing my W2, so he is sending by mail an amendment to file separately. I tried to file but, my e-file was rejected because my SSN had been used by him. Do you know if I can send e-file after the IRS receives the amendment or should I file my mail anyway because they won’t release my SSN to file online?

    Thank you in advance


  • I made an administrative error on my 2014 and 2015 tax return. I used taxslayer and for a lack of attention to detail, I put that my son only lived with me for 3 months instead of the full 12 months. This error caused me to miss out on the earned income tax credit. I just paid to amend both years, before mailing the amended tax return, should I include any documents and will they reimburse me for the credit? Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Without seeing your return I don’t know if you need to include any documents with the amendment.

      I don’t know how TaxSlayer operates, but it seem as if they have charged you for an amended return that they should tell you what documents should be included when you send in the amended return.


      • Jim,
        I want to thank you for your time in responding. No documents were requested in the amending of the tax return. I believe the explanation in the error should meet the intent of proof. Thank you for the service you are providing to us.
        All the best,

  • Good afternoon!
    I had a question on how to maximize my return. I have 4 different W2’s in addition to a 1099R form. I work as a personal care worker in addition to maintenance. I also have a dependant to file. What should I do to properly file but as well as obtain a decent return?

    Thank you,
    Shelia B.

    • There are so many variables to answer that question, there’s no way I can cover them here.

      If you’re unsure about how to go about filing your taxes you should look for a qualified tax preparer to help you with the process.

  • I filed my tax return on January 19th it was accepted. I realized it was wrong and amended my return. They have received my amendment. But I have not yet received my refund from my original filing. It almost been 6 weeks. Which return will they go by? My original or the amended?

  • Hello, I’m curious about how to go about this..I filed my 2015 taxes and just received both my state and federal just today I have not cash checks yet.. I’ve worked for a company that paid cash for the past 5 years now I’ve always put in my 1099-misc form but this 2015 filing I worked for a different company nothing has changed in my income only different was company. Now the previous business I was with assumed i used his information and add more income and he had said whatever more I put that he wants half of my refund???when i know I didn’t because with this company I actually received receipts stating how much I got paid and that it was cash..What should i do or what form should I file??? And for next years filing what form should I file if there’s no business but did earn income ???

  • my boyfriend claimed my child and I did my taxes..IRS says he cant.. so I have to amend them at what time can I do this..do I have to wait till they take them off his or are they automatically taken off

    • If his return was rejected because of the invalid dependent, then you should be able to file your amendment right away. If he needs to file an amendment to remove the dependent, then you’ll need to wait until his amendment is processed.

  • If I forgot to sign my amended return after I have filed and received a refund, will they send it back for me to sign?

  • Any insight for a home loan situation where they used transcripts from 2014 with a w2 missing on my wife’s income I have the 1040x for the mistake but the underwriter needs a stamp of receiving and advice on what should be my next step thanks

  • I filed my 1040X to add my 2 additional W2 Forms. But when i redid the math using turbo tax it stated that the return was 5180.00; ive received 2294 from the original filed income tax form. Now when i printed the 1040X form it states that 0 refund is due. Why? Or any insight as to what went wrong?

  • We filed our taxes(too early) on a 1040 form using Tax Free USA software. Then we received a 1099 for mutual funds we sold so we are now doing an amended 1040x using Tax Free USA software. Our income went up $1265; using the software it does all the changes except keeps our tax we owe exactly the same on line 6 as $2194 even tho our income is obviously different on line 5 original amount vs correct amount (income increased by $1265)

    Why does the software say our new tax is still $2194? If I look it up in tax tables it says it should be $2381. What should I do? Correct all the printed #s with pen before I send it in??

  • Hello! I recently filed my taxes with a tax professional, and submitted my corrected FAFSA since I am in my second year of college. I received a missing w-2 from my employer after I already filed my taxes and I am worried I will have mistakes on my financial aid package for next year, as well as mistakes on my taxes. What should I do to avoid mistakes on my taxes and to receive the correct amount of aid? Thank you in advance!

    • You should wait until you have received all of your documents before filing your tax return, and you should file your tax return before you file your FAFSA form.

      With the problem you mention, you should amend your tax return to correct the error, and then file another correction to the FAFSA.

  • I filed my 2015 taxes and got my refund already, I checked the wrong box for filing status, I know I have to amend it with the right status and also with a check for the overpayment, h&r block told my husband that the irs will reject his return because I filed single instead of married filing separately. Is this true?

  • For the past 3 years my boyfriend and I have been filing jointly like if we were married is that ok or should I fix it

  • Hello. I filed 2015 taxes. Received refunds both federal and state.
    Forgot to add $10 dividend income from a late 1099 DIV form.

    Do I need to amend my return for $10 ?

    • You probably should – the IRS will come back on you for the underreporting (with a penalty) and potential underpayment of tax (another penalty) plus interest between now and whenever they discover it. If you amend your return you won’t have that hanging over your head.


  • I claimed my nephew on my tax return. In one portion I entered that I had him for 7 months, however I mistakenly typed 365 days because I saw the number 365 on the screen instead of 186 days without noticing. I went to check where’s my refund and saw that it needed further processing. Should I file an amended return for this error or wait for the tax board to send me a notice? Also will this flag me for an audit?

  • I have a question, my job provided me with a 1099 and i completed my taxes. They then said that the 1099 was wrong and had to issue me anew one. the dollar amount difference is a little over 1,000.00. What would be the best thing for me to do since i already filed my taxes?

    Thank you

  • I just received a late 1099 form for $1,500 of income from 2015. I’ve already filed my taxes and received a refund for $2,300 (federal) and $430 (state). How much will I have to payback after amending?

  • I filed my mom’s 2015 tax return and in error checked calendar year instead of fiscal year on a schedule k-1 form. It does not change the outcome of the return. Should I submit an amended return?
    Thanks for your help.

  • I have a small business , more like a hobby that I run from my garage. For the past 2years it has taken a loss and I’ve reported that. Now I’m in the process of purchasing a new home and I was told the business had to “disappear ” . So, I’m amending for 2014 and 2015 in order to pay 6,000 back to the iRS. I don’t do taxes Therefore, I don’t understand what I should or shouldn’t do, Are there any other options or is the my only option?

  • I forgot to claim $10,000 in cash that I have received for a job I’ve done. How would I amend that with no w2 to prove it. Thanks!

  • Hello I file my 2014 taxes but everything was taken away cause I hadn’t filed 2011 & 2012. I’m filling 2011 and 2012 this year. My question is if it turns out I didn’t owe them will they refund me my money from 2014. Thank you,

  • My son is 18 and when he started working he filled out his W4 form and claimed 1 to get taxed less on his paycheck. He made $6050 last year and had a little over $600 in taxes taken out. I tried to fill out a 1040ez form but it showed that he would owe money. It was a little less than $100. I wasn’t sure if it was correct, so I advised him to use one of those online services. He did and now he is getting a $600 refund. He filled it out as a full time student and checked off that he gets claimed by his parents. Also, he didn’t includes any other expenses or deductions. Does that make sense to get $600 back for a refund? I am worried something was done incorrectly.

  • In 2014 tax return my schedule Quet income loss was $30,000. But I just discovered it was $70,000 lost income instead of 30,000 should I amend my 2014 return or will the IRS change the math

  • I submitted my 104x Colorado amended tax return a week ago. I included a change of address form because I am moving in 5 weeks and want to be sure I receive all correspondence. How long does it take for state amended returns to be processed? And is it likely that I would be contacted about my return if all I did was submit an additional w2? My concern is that it will be processed in two weeks and something could be sent to my future address without me being there. Please help

  • I claimed my daughter’s college scholarship on my tax return as i claimed her as a dependent. I made the mistake of also putting this info on my daughter’s taxes. It did not change her refund. But I am worried about this affecting her next year. Does scholarship money mean “income”? Should i amend her taxes?

  • I’ve used a “tax professional” this year that made a huge mistake on my initial return – failing to give me the EITC credit. They agreed to do the amendment for free and mail it to me. It has been over a month now no amendment has been mailed and they will not return my calls. I even contacted them on several social media sites, their 800 number – a case was opened for customer service over a week ago and they still have yet to fix the issue. I cannot afford to pay someone else for an amendment since I already paid $200 for the flawed tax return prep, and can’t seem to get them to refund my fees. I can’t even get a clear answer about my state taxes – I’m not sure they even filed them at all though I was charged for the services!! Is there any advice for getting them to swiftly fix the errors or at least call me back? The mistake is glaring and when I call they all agree that my return was flawed – then tell me they will call me back, yet my phone never rings!!

  • I purchased a home in 2015 and already filed and received my refund. I since received a document to claim purchase points and interest. Do I need to do an amendment?

  • If I filed already online and did it as married filing jointly but when it asked for my husband occupation I put unemployed because he is right now, but did work part of the year before. So when I filed it I was not asked for his W2 info and I did not include it adn continued filing without realizing it. would i be better off doing an amended to change filing to married filing jointly to married filing seperate?? Or do I have to do an amended and just add his info? Also, if I do an amended and add his does that affect what i have already received???

  • I forgot to check the box in Line 38 of the 1040A. I had health coverage through my employer during the 2014 tax year. They did not sent out their 1095 C to any employee as of yet. Do I need to file an amended return with Line 38 checked? Thanks for any or all help.

  • The IRS denied my claim for exemptions for tax year 2014, due to the missing tax identification numbers for the dependents. The denial resulted in additional taxes which I paid last year.
    Since then, I have obtained the TIN’s for the dependents and I am wondering, if there is a possibility to claim those deductions back. If so, please let me know the process and the applicable forms to fill out.

    Thank you so much for your help

  • My husband and I purchased a home in 2015 and he had a previous of which we kept to rent out. My husband took a first time home owner credit of 7500 in 2008 and had been paying back in increments of 500 yearly. Now we were told by h&r Block that IrS will require us to pay the whole balance and we don’t have 4500 Dollars. Can they make us pay the total or can they set up payments . We have allot of debt because of the new house and Just renting the previous house this year.

  • Hello I have a question I filed my taxes and my boyfriend wants to claim me as a dependent on his but when I filed I guess I marked no one else could claim me, so my question is can he go ahead an file his without me on there and then after I file an amended an get that fixed can he file an amended an add me back on there??

    • My 22 year old son is a full time student . He only made $7,000 and has already flied his income tax. He forgot to indicate / check the box that someone else can claim him on their taxes. How do we fix this?
      Thank you.

    • You’ll need to file an amendment removing the indication that you are claiming your own exemption. Once your return is accepted and processed then someone else could claim you as a dependent.

      Now, the problem is that you can’t be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return unless you’re related to them in some way. An unmarried couple cannot claim one another as dependents (unless they’re related).

  • I already filed my return and got the money. I forgot to add a 1098-E to the original return so I need to file an amendment because I am owed more money. I’m not quite sure how to fill out the form 1040X. Do I need to send a copy of the 1098-E with the amendment also? Thanks.

  • I did my taxes on turbotax. I am receiving a refund but turbotax put down that I want part of my refund put towards next year taxes. It says we owe like $50 and look up how to pay it. I have no clue what to do.

    • I noticed this as well on my taxes done through Turbo Tax. Is that some sort of glitch? When I seen it, I panicked thinking TT was applying my complete refund… The funny part about it, is I did not select that amount that has been placed in that line! I will wait to see what the IRS does…

  • Hi, I own a small at home Floral business. Do I need to amend if I originally said No to purchasing tax free from a state other than my own but ended up doing so this year? If so, how do I amend?

  • My daughter and I live with her dads parents. I filed head of household thinking it meant “head of mine and my daughters expenses” but I do not believe I qualify. I help pay bills but I do not cover over 1/2 the cost of the home. Please advise what I should do. I can’t amend until it’s accepted but any advice will help. I reviewed about $300 more than last year when I filed single but I figured that’s Bc I made $4000 more this time than last. Please help!!

  • I just filed my return, and only after I submitted it I realized I did in fact receive the American Opportunity credit for the last four years, but I checked ‘no’ in box 27 (I believe). Is this going to be an issue? Should I ammend? Please advise.

  • i filed my taxes last year i got my Federal but didn’t get state last year irs sent me a letter send proof of residency both kids live with me but i think i put wrong address because the year before i use same tax site and prepared my taxes so i didnt change address but my kids have always lived with me i misplaced the paper they sent me can i get my last year state this year if i can send in proof

  • I recently filed my taxes and realized a mistake. I entered my 1098-e forms but realized after e-filing them that the wrong amount was entered. I retrieved my student loan interest off the website but didn’t realize it was for 2014 and not 2015. I put down an extra $60 in interest which gave me an extra $7 in my refund. Should I file an amended return, it will cost $42 for that. Should I just leave it and not worry about it because of the small difference?

    • It’s entirely up to you. It’s likely that you’ll have to pay the extra tax eventually, and it will likely include penalties and interest by the time they catch up with the underpayment. It’s probably worth it to pay the extra for the amendment and then you’ll be done with it.


  • I filed my 2013 taxes with Liberty tax service in Maryland, and received a refund. I moved to SC in 2014 and filed again with Liberty and received my refund. Out of nowhere I receive a letter from the IRS stating that I owe 7500 for my 2013 taxes. It said that the taxes were filed incorrectly. The W-2’s are different than what I filed. I’m supposed to be getting a refund for this year, but now I see that :Liberty has screwed up and I won’t be receiving my return.
    Q: IS there anything I can do to fix this and still receive my refund for 2015?

  • I just file my taxes for 2015 2 days ago in california and today i found out that i had some income from the job i had in DC in 2014. i didn’t have medical for 1st 6 months and i have already paid the penalty for it in the return i filed.
    Q 1: Do i have to pay the penalty again when i amend my return ?
    Q 2 : Do i have to amend my california return cos i think the dc income wasn’t taxed in california ?
    Q 3 : Do i need to file state taxes for DC ?
    Q 4 : I was not i the country for over 3 months i did not have the medical for jan8th 2015 – april16th 2015.
    I am ok with the penalty, i have already paid but another one.
    Please help !!!

  • I filed my taxes and I am getting little over 5k back however today I got my 1099R in the mail I forgot about. It’s only for 2k what should I do? Will the irs still give me my refund? How do I go about fixing this? thank you

  • I filed my taxes and I am getting little over 5k back however today I got my 1099R in the mail I forgot about. It’s only for 2k what should I do? Will the irs still give me my refund? How do I go about fixing this? thank you

    • Wait till IRS accepts your tax filing and issue the refund. After that file your Amendment. You have 3 years to file the amendment.

  • I was paper audited for healthcare credits. I think that I did a 1040X by mistake. I just needed a form done and proof of insurance. I faxed the 1040 X and other info. If i was to do the 1040 X it should have gone to Calif and not Georgia anyway and not a fax.

    It has been almost 3 months. I have heard Ga is very far behind. Should I be concerned about this?

    I wish I would have known.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • I have to do an amendment on my 2014 taxes for health insurance purposes but they said I was only getting $9.00 back. My question is Do I have to file and will I get into trouble. Thank you Sharon

  • hello I have a question me and my husband just got married last year and when we file tax we file it married joint filing because I need to petition him to have his green card but this year I want us to file separate married filing separate… is there any problem on his gaining his green card if we filed separate?

  • I need to amend a return for taxes received in 2015 and I have since been married. On the paper work am I to put my maiden name as it was on the 2015 taxes or my married name as it is currently?

  • Hello there, I have a question, maybe you have insight. For 2014, my husband and I lived together with my three biological children (they are not his) up until early October at which point my children and I physically relocated out of state. When it was time to file taxes he claimed me (I didn’t work at all that year) and my children and filed a joint tax return and signed as me. He then told me via text he had done so and would send me half the return. Well in early February of 2015, I electronically received 350.00 from him. I messaged him asking for a copy of the return but he never provided it. After about six months of asking and waiting, I went online and pulled it up that way. He received over five thousand back. My question is can I do anything about this? If so, what steps? He had the refund deposited into his personal bank account.

  • We had a foster child placed with us July 2013 at the age of 3 days old. He lived with us from the time of his release from the hospital and we just adopted him in October 2015. He did not have a social security number until his adoption, so we were unable to claim him on our taxes. Can we amend our 2013 to reflect he lived with us for half a year and 2014 the entire year to claim the earned Income credit?

  • Hi,I was married at 2013 January .I went back to my home country and got married but unfortunately my husband came to United states at 2015.By the time he came I had already filed twice but just as a single because I did not have any social security of my husband which is requisite to make a joint file.Now my academic adviser at college advised me to do amended filing.He also mentioned me that i will get my money back that i paid. I put single status during that time even though I was married.So my concern is,Is it possible i can do amended filing in my case for last two years and will it not give me any trouble in the future?Thank you…!